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I can´t believe I never told you guys! We had transfers this week and guess what? Yup! I´m staying in the blessed area of Derosso! So I was thinking that i´m going to have to have my bishop (pops :) ) move my records to this ward because looks like it is gonna be my permanent home ;) AND I´m staying with Sister B for one more :) 

My week

This week was okay. I don´t know why but everything just felt off. I felt tired, a bit discouraged, and I don´t know how to explain it, just off. And blah. Usually I´m so flipping pumped and want to talk to everyone, but I don´t know why it was weird this week. Maybe because it was because we were stuck inside 2 days because of the world cup or something but I don´t know. Oh well, this week will be better, Right? Right!


D and A are good. It´s going a bit slow with them because they are super involved and dedicated to their church but get this. They still let us come because they say that they feel something different when we are speaking. Something that feels good. I just wanted to yell and say "YEAH. That´s the sprit!" Which I did but I just didn't yell haha. I don´t think they have recognized if that is really the answer to what we are teaching is all true. I think they´ll just have to have more personal experiences for themselves.

C is so wonderful. She is so humble and so willing to change and to look at different things and to listen and apply. We taught the PdS and we were a bit nervous because she is a big coffee drinker, so we have to follow up on that :)

We met a lady named E. She has an amazing family and they don´t have a religion, because she felt like it was really hard to have some sort of religion with everything that she has passed through. She has 4 kids and 1 kid is a special kid that almost died when she was born. I really admire her for her strength and we taught about Joseph Smith and that there was actually something out there that would bring peace to her family. And that something really does exist. They are an amazing family 

We also met another family of F, L, J, C, and M. They are also a wonderful family. Their little son loved reading for us and he was so involved in the lesson. And the mom said that he talked about how we came for about an hour after. But it is wonderful because F has a lot of interest and she wants something to help her feel good. So, we gave her a book of mormon haha :)

We met A and she is pretty cool! We were at another pesquisadors house and after the lesson, she came up to us and said that she wants visits from us. So we went there and she marked a time and taught her about Joseph Smith. And get this. Turns out she´s already had noite familiars and she´s already heard about our church and has already been to our church. And guess who is the person that she knows? Yup. Our very own bishop. Heck yes. Best thing ever.

One more haha. We met M and her family and they just moved here and turns out that they went to church where they used to live! What a coincidence! Well actually not, because there are never coincidences on a mission ;) But we talked to the kids because her mom wasn't there, but we talked to them and told them to read the book of mormon and pray, and the oldest one has already read it.

S is great! It´s been hard to meet with her because we can only meet on weekends, but we met this weekend and it´s wonderful. She´s doing amazing. She´s already preparing to go to the temple and for everything and she asked how she could share the gospel at school. And we went over the articles of faith, and she is wonderful. So prepared. She is so strong too. I hope the youth at home know how strong they are because it truly is wonderful how strong they are and how much of an example they are. 


So. I´ve been wanting to run a race for the past week. I miss track so much. I just want to run. I want to do a triathlon. And I just want to stop walking sometimes and run. And I wished we walked more. And I miss lifting weight now that i´m talking about it. But that´s okay. Give it about 10 months. But, anyways, that is why i was thinking about races. Because I think we are in the huge race but we´re not running against anyone, just the mirror on the side of us. And the thing is that we aren´t ever gonna be ahead of ourselves, just in the same place. But sometimes i think we sometimes watch ourselves hoping that miraculously our foot is going to be in front of the reflection, but as it is a reflection, it is 100% impossible. So stop looking at the mirror, analyzing every single step, or seeing who is ahead, but just forget that it´s there and look forward :) Because if we are just so stuck on who is in front of the other, we aren´t gonna see the end! How are we going to see the big smoothie cart that is at the end of the race if we´re stuck looking at the side of us? I use smoothie cart because that is what I always pictured at the end of 400´s ;) But just look to the end because against who are racing against doesn´t matter! :) 

Love you all! Be good!

Sister Parco

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