Monday, February 23, 2015

The Last Transfer

Week of surprises

So, you know how we were living in 4? Well now we are not :( It was super sad. We were all really tight. So Prudentopolis, that usually has 4 missionaries, only has 2 now. And it´s a big area. But we´re up for the challenge

The weird stuff

I can´t believe that this is my last transfer. I don´t think that it has hit me yet that I´m gonna be home fast. It´s weirding me out. Me and Sister B made a pact that we´d work harder than we ever have this transfer. I´m excited to see how it will turn out :)

I´m only gonna answer some of the questions because I´m running out of time

Who you learned to see through God’s eyes

We had something pretty sad happen this week. You know what is sad? When a person gains a testemony, even has a dream about how the Book of Mormon is true and the true church, but denies it and does nothing. We were teaching one of our investigators this week that told us all of this, but yet she doesn´t want to ask. I think I learned to see her through God´s eyes because when I thought of all the many blessings that God has in store would be lost, I felt super super sad, because It´s right there, in front of her, within reach, and she knows that it´s a good thing, but still doesn´t want to make a change. It makes me think of how God feels when He sees His children making the changes and seeing a difference, but still going in the opposite direction. We´ll have to see. maybe it's not the right time, maybe it´s meant to be, I don´t know, I just hope that it can work out for the future....

One place God directed you by the Spirit

Everytime I look back at our week and the things we did, I realize how much the Lord has a hand in things. For some reason, in the red area, we had people that were progressing, but this week everything fell, and people started being flaky. It was so funny. It was as if Heavenly Father was saying ´´don´t work in this area any more´´ We even had people walk up to us that we didn´t really know saying that they had the Book of Mormon and wanted to return it to us because the Mom doesn´t know how to read. That same day, we were finding Book of Mormons everywhere (which is another blessing, because we are running out of Book of Mormons) And so we worked in a different area and found amazing people! And guess where that area was? You know how we have to take care of both of the sides now that the other sisters left? Well, guess where there only productive side was? Yup, right across from the new area that we found amazing people and on the same side as T. WHAT. It´s as if he´s basically showing where the golden people are. I noticed this during Sunday and I couldn´t stop smiling and laughing at how wonderful Heavenly Father is and how perfect everything works out. MIRACLES.

I love you guys sooooo  much and hope you are all wonderful! Be good!

Sister Parco

Monday, February 16, 2015

Learning and Growing

Another Crazy week! Splits and a reunion with for the newbies and it was pretty awesome. It helped a lot. It was nice knowing that we were all going through the same things and that we could help eachother out. But this next week should be full of a lot more things because we are going to stay in our area this week :)


T is real good! She´s loving the gospel and seeing differences in her life! She´s gone to church 3 times already and wants to participate in everything. Even cleaning the church! How crazy is that! She´s going through a lot of rough stuff and a lot of crazy stuff happened to her in the past, but she is reading the book of mormon every day and feeling a difference and a peace.

E is a teenage girl that we met during an english class. We bore our testimony about that book of mormon and her teacher who is our president, gave a her a book of mormon in english and portuguese. And we bore our testimony about it and explained the significance of it. We returned there the other day and she had already read 30 pages and prayed! We found all of her family and they told us how they wanted to read the book of mormon too!

P is a teenage girl too that we found with her family. When we first talked to her, She said, Yeah I know you guys! I´ve already seen the many videos that appear on Youtube (mormon messages)! I even watched some of them with my dad! WHAT. Okay. Never happens. So we returned another day to teach her family and then we told her to watch Joseph Smith the prophet of the Restoration. They were an awesome family. They even gave us a ride to church because we were late to the baptism of the other sisters!

I is a mom of a family that we met this week. She´s wonderful and is reading the Book of Mormon and loving what we´re teaching. We marked a date with her and she accepted :)

Shout out to Collette for helping me think of things to say in my letter! I hope they will be somewhat interesting for you guys :)

Lesson where you felt the spirit the most that week & why

I think the most spiritual lesson was when I was doing splits with I. We were teaching a lady that was absolutely discouraged and was passing through a lot of medical problems. She was so discouraged that she started to cry. I don´t know why, but I feel like in these moments I feel the spirit the most. There is something special to me that makes testifying of the gospel bringing peace really strong to me. I feel the most powerful when I can show to them how much the Gospel is going to bless their lives and help them with their problems, the little ones until the big ones. And when I testified, I just wanted her to just take everything I had and wanted to do everything to help her take a step in her life. I´m very grateful for the Gospel and the fact that it brings comfort and guidance in the times that we need it the most.

Who you learned to see through God’s eyes

I think that the person that I am learning to see through Heavenly father is my own companion. We´re pretty different in a few things, and I think the more that I see through my Heavenly Father´s eyes, the more I am growing to love her and appreciate the differences.
One place God directed you by the Spirit

It´s interesting how the Lord guides you in everything. We had a bunch of plans on Saturday, but for some reason the conacts that we made a week before seemed more important than our compromises. So we decided to contact all of the contacts, that are like 30 seconds from the other, so we basically stayed on one road the whole day, and we ended up finding 3 families that were ready to hear the gospel! We returned the other day to see if the family was waiting up for us that one day, but turns out that they weren´t even there that day. So instead of walking 30 minutes to find no one in the house, we found 3 families on the same road!

A person or principle that changed your perspective on eternity that week

I really really came to have an appreciation for the sacrament even more this week. There´s something amazing and wonderful in the fact that a prayer and the simple action of taking the bread and water with a repentant heart can do so much. Do yu realize how powerful the atonement is? Do you realize how wonderful it is to start a new page every week?!? Do you know how completely lost we would be without the atonement? Do you realize how merciful Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are for giving us this opportunity? BEcause I don´t think that I did. And it just kind of hit me even more this week of how wonderful of an opportunity it is. I love the sacrament and I´m extremely grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Love you guys!

Sister Parco

Monday, February 9, 2015

Kidney Stones

Life Lessons

Hey, so you know how they say that the mission prepares you for married life? Well I think I am super ready after this week. You know how they say having a kidney stone is like having a baby? Well, guess who had a kidney stone this week. Yup. It was fun. I think I am ready to have kids ;)

One thing that I really appreciated from this experience was the power of priesthood. It is something I am truly grateful for. It was amazing how God was kind enough to bless us with the Priesthood. How grateful I am to have a worthy father that holds the Priesthood. After taking some drugs, I asked for a blessing, and right after the blessing, I didn´t have any pain. Just shows to me how much our Father in Heaven loves us :) <3

Overview of the week

This week was so rough. We had to leave during Pday to go to a leadership meeting in Curitiba on monday and returned Tuesday night. Wednesday I passed the kidney stone, and we couldn´t work, thursday I spent half the day doing exams and the other half working, friday, we had to go to Irati for a meeting and spend the whole day there, and Saturday and Sunday we went to work. It was probably the craziest week that i´ve ever had one the mission

During the meeting I was pretty scared because I felt like the new kid, hardly knowing what I should be doing, and just guessing, but it turned out great! We were making comments on how to better our teaching, and after I made a comment, he said that he would call me to be the STL of the STLs. I´m gonna have to thank sister Torres for that one because we went psycho when we were together for 4 months on our teaching. I just hope I can help others even being the new kid :)

I love you guys! Sorryt hat this was short, It was an unproductive week, I promise that next week will be better! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Until the Dust

Today was fun.

I love surprises. Today was full of a lot. This sunday we found out that there would have a leadership conference on tuesday and we learned on sunday night that we would leave the next day during our Pday (today) to go to Curitiba. So we had to go to the rodoviaria this morning and board a bus for 4 hours. There was an accident on the highway so it took 5 hours. Then we had to go to Portão from the bus and we took the wrong bus. And here I am. Today was long. But. It´ll be all good.

The week.

Me and Sister B worked until the dust. This doesnt make sense in English, but it´s a phrase that is used a lot here. And it´s the best way I could describe it ;) Basically we worked hard this week together. We had a great week and it was one of those weeks where you collapse on the bed but it´s a good collapse.

I think that´s it. The week was good. I hardly remember anything, but I remember that it was good :)

I`m not gonna lie. Sometimes I feel like I run out of things to say in these ;) Anyone have any ideas?

Anyways. I love you guys! Have a great week!


Sister Parco