Saturday, June 28, 2014



C is good. We've been visiting her with members and having noite familiars. We had a really good experience with a menos ativo. P, one of our menos ativos is just having a really hard time with her self esteem. She broke up with her boyfriend this week, which was a good thing, but she is feeling so alone and just low about herself. So we read scriptures together and then I told her to come stand by me in the mirror and just look at herself and tell me what she sees. And then after she was done, i told her to keep looking at the mirror, I told her what I saw. And it´s funny how on the mission, you see with the Lord´s eyes. I looked at her straight in the eye and we told her about her divinity and how that no matter how low she felt, or how alone she felt, she was a daughter of God, and that never was going to change. And it´s crazy how much power you felt. How much love you felt. I decided that we should all kneel at the end and pray, and we asked her to give the prayer. It was amazing. I think it was the most heartfelt prayer that i've heard. She sat there and cried and just pleaded with her Heavenly Father. And she just told him how weak she was feeling and that she wanted help. It was really powerful. I love those moments on a mission <3

Yup. That happened.

So I was talking to someone at the front of their gate when we were talking about Joseph Smith and yes. A bug flew in my mouth. During the first vision. So here we are teaching and I start gagging and coughing in the middle of the lesson. So hilarious ;)


So like me, this email is really short. And no, I don´t think i've grown on a mish. But we´ll have to see. Maybe you all will shrink. That would be nice.

Love you all! Take care! <3

Sister Parco

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