Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mountain Climbing

The peeps

C is wonderful! She is reading, she is praying, she is learning, understanding. Everything. And I just love her. She is so wonderful :) We are having a noite familiar with here tonight! Just a reminder for those at home-- DO FAMILY HOME EVENING. It´s awesome. And invite the missionaries. Because they like free dinner or snacks too ;) We met a bunch of families this week, and all look like they are prepared! It stinks because this always seems to happen at the end of transfers ;P But hey, that´s okay, you gotta plant a seed, right? We met N, L, and J who are wonderful and committed to reading the book of mormon and praying about the plan of salvation, the family of M that has two little boys that were so involved in the lesson. Turns out that they´ve already had contact with the missionaries but they moved. We met V who met us at the gate and wanted us to come talk to her another day. Turns out she´s read half of the book of mormon already and already knows that it is true. We just have to fix a few things because the missionaries before us really pressured her to mark a date and I think she didn't like that so we are just going to have to take it slow :) We also met with some young women this week, L, L, and their sister who are really interested in what we are teaching. Hahaha I think the last lesson we spent most of the time answering questions. But they promised to read and pray about the book of mormon before our next visit too :) L and V are good too. They loved the plan of salvation and are reading the book of mormon together.  V and L are good, but this week we decided to leave them for a bit, because there is not much more we can do, only their free will. 

New things

I drink tea now. A lot more than usual. It´s actually really calming. You should try it! Also, we´re staying inside during the world cup games because it´s dangerous and everyone is going to be watching TV. I´m not sure how I feel. I was happy about the chance to maybe catch up on some sleep, but at the same time, it´s gonna drive me crazy and i´m gonna miss talking to people. Haha we´ll have to see. Okay family. One important question. Did I ever talk in my sleep? Because, I talked in my sleep and started snoring. This week (I know the snoring is normal, but still.) Turns out I just started this week. That is fun for my companion. She definitely gives me evil glares in the morning but she´s pretty chill about it ;) We get along pretty well :)

Things I´ve learned

It´s funny how when you try your hardest to do what the Lord commands, that you are so much happier and just excited! Prayers are not just those recited pleases and thank you´s, but just a wonderful time to talk with your heavenly Father for a bit. You just feel excited, courageous, and show him that you are willing to do what He asks.

Mountain climbing

You know how when you go rock climbing and you have that person that holds the rope and when you can´t reach things they just give you that lift, and then rock climbing is really easy? Well that´s how this week felt. With the the help of the Lord you can do anything, awesome huh? I just realized this week how easy missionary work is. I think at first I always made it so hard for myself. I memorized phrases, made formulas, marked my scriptures like no other, took notes of lessons, and made notecards of different situations. Yes, of course this can be very important, but I just realized that most of it is saying stuff that you already know. I know the blessings of the Gospel are real. I know the presence of a God is real. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored. It´s just the fact of telling people that. And I think that I always put it in a way that was a people pleaser way. But it should be so natural. Don´t sugar coat it, don´t use fancy words, just tell them what you know! Be excited! Be sure. Because it is true! There is a gospel out there waiting for them. It´s so matter of fact that it´s gonna bless their life. It´s fact that they are going to see changes in their lives, they just have to do it. So you just tell them that. And then give them the choice to decide. It´s so wonderful! And of course i´m not saying that every day is easy. But I think this week I realized how sharing the Gospel is so easy. It´s like teaching about the law of gravity, teaching a kid how plants grow, it´s wonderful! This happened. And it´s real. We have a God who wants the better for us. So, as He is a God who wants the better for us, he provided a plan with prophets, with the Gospel and with agency all with the help of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It's so marvelous and so simple! I love telling people something that is so simple and something that I know :) <3

I love you guys soooo much and am so grateful to be out here! It´s probably the best thing i´ll ever do ever. I love it so much. Take care and share what you know! :)

Sister Parco

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