Saturday, June 28, 2014


You won´t believe

I almost died this week! It´s true. I have a hole in my skirt to prove it. So here me and sister B are walking down a street just minding our own business. And these two dogs come up to us and start barking like crazy. And it´s like they made a pact or something because they started circling us. And it was flipping scary. So here me and sister B are freaking out and trying to walk faster or do something and the dog goes out and tries to bite me. And thank goodness it is that long blue skirt that is already ripping, because that´s what he got a hold of ;P But seriously, what a miracle that he only got that huh? And then Sister B yelled at me to hit my umbrella on the ground to scare them. So I did that. And yeah. I felt pretty tough. ;) But it was scary. And kind of funny. We laughed about it...... after about 2 hours. But we still laughed :) 

The awesome parts of the week

Hearing from Russel M. Nelson was awesome! I learned a lot and it was like a big apostalic wake up for everyone in the room :) And, we were waiting for our pesquisadors out in the front of the chapel and he walked past us as he greeted everyone :) And then during the conference he made all the missionaries stand up (to help the members know that they need to work with the missionaries) Yes, I am hinting to all of you, work with the missionaries! ;) 

My week

You ever have those weeks where you just doubt your ability to speak teach or do stuff? Well this week was one of those weeks. Sister B was having a real hard time on friday with all of this, and she was just frustrated with all the expectations and what we have to do, so we just sat down and talked about it. I told her to yell at me what she would yell to the investigators and to just let it all out. Then we talked about our strengths, and then our weaknesses, and what we´re going to do so we don´t feel down about ourselves. It really strengthened my testimony a bit. We talked about our purpose here and what our role is. Then after a few hugs and "you're doing fine"s  we headed out :) And I think by the end of our day, our conversation got to me because we were both feeling down. So we decided to see if M was home because she is usually always home and it was wet. And she wasn´t home so we decided to go to the next place. Well we were heading back, and in the house across the street is this little one year old and her brother, and the little one year old is yelling at us or saying hi or something. And I was like, alright, one more. We knock on the door and the lady lets us in right away. And we met C and J! A family living in the back of the ladies house. And turns out that she was looking for a church and agreed to go to church with us then next day, (which was about 7:45 in the morning because of Russel M Nelson by the way) Can you believe it? She´s already excited about everything and is just sooooo ready! It kind of taught me this week that even though we think we have weaknesses, even though we feel like we aren´t good enough, the Lord takes what we got and works with it. And if we are full of faith and working our hardest, he will put us in the exact place that we are needed. 

The peeps

Alright. So I got scolded at because I´m not writing a lot about how people are doing so this is my letter of repentance ;)

V went to church! He´s one of those guys who doesn´t like to be noticed, so I don´t think he even knows that we know that he went, but he did! Without a ride, without an invatation from a member without anything. He drove just to go. And it was awesome! We didn´t get a chance to talk to him after but I´m sure he´s gotta open up one of these times to tell what he is feeling. It will come. He wouldn´t read the whole book of mormon for nothing ;) He´s close I can just feel it ;)

L is good. Still going. We´ve had more lessons where he´s not been tipsy which just makes me happy. But last week we made a goal to stop with everything today, so i´ll tell you how that goes next week :) But he´s still going to church every week and is really trying hard to do what is right. He just needs a little push. 

I just have to put L and J together, because me and sister B decided that they are like our uncles. But seriously. These two 50 year old men are just the awesomest dearest people ever.

P is a menos ativo (less active). And we have been trying to get her to go back to church, becasue her kids always go but she stays in the house. But for the conference, she went! And she brought her non member boyfriend with too! That most definitely made my day :) She is doing much better and we are challenging her to start everything over and return :)

The family of V and L and D are doing good. They´re really struggling because their old church was telling their kids a bunch of lies like God was going to take the kids up in an ark or something like that, I don´t know. But we are teaching them how they can find out for themselves which church they can follow. They are such a dear family and leticia their daughter is seriously the cutest thing ever :) 

F. We met an athiest this week! We challenged him just to try and read the book of mormon and then after ask if God exists. He agreed and we´re gonna visit him this week :)

R and R. They are an absolutely wonderful family! And when I see them, I see a primary president, and a young mens leader. But seriously. They have two kids 1 and 4. And they are such a wonderful welcoming family. We´ve only taught them once but I already think they are awesome :)


So I was thinking about my whole week and I was thinking about the movie holes. And how they dug hole after hole after hole. Hahaha what a similarity of words! And I think that´s a lot like us. We dig our holes every day, and sometimes we don´t know why we´re digging them. Or for what reason. Some times we read our scriptures and pray, but we really don´t understand what will come of it, just hope that we will be more inspired and more uplifted. But one thing i´ve come to realize is that sometimes we just gotta keep digging even though we don´t know why. Because we will find that tube of lipstick and we will find that treasure box with our name on it. And then we´ll live awesomely! So just keep doing what you know to be right. And eat your onions.

Well that´s it. This is a bit scattered and all over the place, but that was my week :) Hope you all are wonderful! Love you all! :)

Sister Parco

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