Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jumping Into A Cold Lake

So, the moment has arrived! Transfers!!! And I´m staying here in Blessed beautiful Derosso for one more transfer! I am with sister B and she sounds pretty awesome! I am excited to work with her and work in this area even more! 

Funny moments

Bahaha so we went to a lunch one day of a member that has her mom living with her that i think has alzheimer's. Anyways, we arrive at the gate and for some reason the mom of the member thought that sister N was her child and she slapped her bottom 2 times. Probably the most hilarious thing ever. The face of sister N was HILARIOUS. We were probably laughing about it for a good 5 minutes :) :)

Sad moments

So it happened. Me and sister P were separated. And not gonna lie, it was pretty tough. So many jokes, almost falling down on the street with laughter, awkward moments, funny faces, sad, happy and spiritual moments. We got along well. It was a quiet car ride home. BUT. I´m sure I´ll see her again, and until then, I shall enjoy this wonderful area!

Jumping into a cold lake

Well this next transfer is gonna be exactly like this. Shocking, different, cold (yes, winter is arriving, yes. I am a wimp), vigorous, exciting, a little scary, and something that will probably keep me short of breath. With that said. I´m excited, a little nervous, and am hoping to be short of breath from walking like crazy. As you know, it´s a new transfer! And i´m a bit nervous to take control of the area, know the needs of the pesquesadors in a different language (especially with an american companion but don´t worry, she speaks fluent spanish, *pheewwww*) , and under more pressure than i was before to make decisions and plan lessons, but at the same time i´m so flipping stinking excited. I can´t wait to learn, maybe fall a few times, but then learn from them, and just give everything I got. I know that with the Lord I really can do anything. I just gotta get over the stage fright ;) But. I´m very excited to put everything in the hands of the Lord and learn even more about him, and myself :) Here we go! :)

Sorry it was short and that I didn't send photos, but I shall next week! I love you guys so much! :) Be good!

Sister Parco

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