Saturday, June 28, 2014


The happenings of the week

You´re not going to believe it. I got bitten by a dog again. I thinks it´s because of my big calves. It was a little sad because it was actually a skirt that I liked. But I think i´m over it ;) But we were leaving V´s house and their dog comes out of nowhere and out of all the wonderful people with more skinnier legs than me, he decides to come and bite my skirt and pull me back towards the house. I am very grateful for belts. Very grateful. Me and Sister B laughed so stinking hard. 3 days later! I have no idea why. So, pretty much, mom, when we get a dog when I get home( ;) ) We should buy a small dog.

The serious questions

I am curious. Has Ryan taken my room?

New stuff

So i tried to dye my hair. Yup. That´s right. I was definitely trying to be a rebellious child. But turns out my hair had the same idea. So the highlights are pretty light, but hey next time. What do you think, all blonde next time? ;)

Funny moments

I love knocking on doors and meeting a bunch of different people. You meet people from all different aspects of life. There is (are?) probably more awkward experiences on a mission than any other time in your life. But there was this awkward man that we met. He answered the door, said just a minute, then went inside to wash dishes and then came back, told us to wait at the other gate for him. Then he went back inside. and then came back outside and then asked why we were there and asked us to knock again. It was just so weird. But I love people.

The what´s ups

This week was awesome! We had an open house at the church and it was great! I loved seeing the excitement of the members after they helped out :) <3 It just made me love that they were all excited in such a wonderful work! :) It turned out great! Then we had pizza. That was good too ;)

We had a fireside too this week! It was about depression. It was really eye opening, because a lot of people have it, and it´s sooo normal. I think everyone has a little of it, and i think it opened the eyes of a lot of members and me too. But it just showed how normal it is :) It was great, and especially great for our less active who loved it :)


C is absolutely wonderful! We brought her to church again this sunday and she loved it :) God definitely guided us to that house :) She´s got a crazy but cute kid and me and sister B are having to think of activities for him to do during church. Mom prep here we go! ;)

V is a new less active that we met. And I know that it was guided when we found her. One day, I just had a feeling to look at the weekly progress reports things. And who does that. We usually don´t. And I kept seeing her name pop up. And, at that moment we were looking for X pesquisadores, but I just felt like I should just put her name down and write down her address. So we decided to go there. She is the absolutely sweetest lady and has sooo much faith. But here´s the part that makes me love that God doesn´t forget anyone. Turns out she has a disease in her bone or it´s broken, so she´s imobolized from the hips down. And she also has cancer. And she just stays in that bed the whole day watching tv because she can´t move from her bed. But her excitement when she saw us was absoultey awesome. And she has the best attitude ever. And she was praying and wanting someone to come and bring her to church. Kind of wonderful huh? :) 

L is still the same. It´s soooo hard not to get discouraged, but it´s got to come one time. We marked a goal with him and wanted to stop with everything in one day and he agreed. But we returned the next day and he drank and smoked 19 cigarretes. It absoultey killed me. I don´t know if he just doesn´t want to or just can´t but hey. It will come. 


Alright. I´m going to just be straight with you guys. It´s so much more easier to do everything with help! So here´s my shout out to members and all they do to help. Lunches, food, lessons, involvement. Everything. I just hope you guys know that everything you guys do is really wonderful and makes a big difference. So, go help the missionaries because as you do, you will help prepare the most wonderful present ever-the gospel of Jesus Christ! :)

I love you all and I love being here! Be good! Read your scriptures, go to church! Because it´s wonderful! Take care! Até próxima semana! :) <3

Sister Parco

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