Saturday, June 28, 2014



I can´t believe I never told you guys! We had transfers this week and guess what? Yup! I´m staying in the blessed area of Derosso! So I was thinking that i´m going to have to have my bishop (pops :) ) move my records to this ward because looks like it is gonna be my permanent home ;) AND I´m staying with Sister B for one more :) 

My week

This week was okay. I don´t know why but everything just felt off. I felt tired, a bit discouraged, and I don´t know how to explain it, just off. And blah. Usually I´m so flipping pumped and want to talk to everyone, but I don´t know why it was weird this week. Maybe because it was because we were stuck inside 2 days because of the world cup or something but I don´t know. Oh well, this week will be better, Right? Right!


D and A are good. It´s going a bit slow with them because they are super involved and dedicated to their church but get this. They still let us come because they say that they feel something different when we are speaking. Something that feels good. I just wanted to yell and say "YEAH. That´s the sprit!" Which I did but I just didn't yell haha. I don´t think they have recognized if that is really the answer to what we are teaching is all true. I think they´ll just have to have more personal experiences for themselves.

C is so wonderful. She is so humble and so willing to change and to look at different things and to listen and apply. We taught the PdS and we were a bit nervous because she is a big coffee drinker, so we have to follow up on that :)

We met a lady named E. She has an amazing family and they don´t have a religion, because she felt like it was really hard to have some sort of religion with everything that she has passed through. She has 4 kids and 1 kid is a special kid that almost died when she was born. I really admire her for her strength and we taught about Joseph Smith and that there was actually something out there that would bring peace to her family. And that something really does exist. They are an amazing family 

We also met another family of F, L, J, C, and M. They are also a wonderful family. Their little son loved reading for us and he was so involved in the lesson. And the mom said that he talked about how we came for about an hour after. But it is wonderful because F has a lot of interest and she wants something to help her feel good. So, we gave her a book of mormon haha :)

We met A and she is pretty cool! We were at another pesquisadors house and after the lesson, she came up to us and said that she wants visits from us. So we went there and she marked a time and taught her about Joseph Smith. And get this. Turns out she´s already had noite familiars and she´s already heard about our church and has already been to our church. And guess who is the person that she knows? Yup. Our very own bishop. Heck yes. Best thing ever.

One more haha. We met M and her family and they just moved here and turns out that they went to church where they used to live! What a coincidence! Well actually not, because there are never coincidences on a mission ;) But we talked to the kids because her mom wasn't there, but we talked to them and told them to read the book of mormon and pray, and the oldest one has already read it.

S is great! It´s been hard to meet with her because we can only meet on weekends, but we met this weekend and it´s wonderful. She´s doing amazing. She´s already preparing to go to the temple and for everything and she asked how she could share the gospel at school. And we went over the articles of faith, and she is wonderful. So prepared. She is so strong too. I hope the youth at home know how strong they are because it truly is wonderful how strong they are and how much of an example they are. 


So. I´ve been wanting to run a race for the past week. I miss track so much. I just want to run. I want to do a triathlon. And I just want to stop walking sometimes and run. And I wished we walked more. And I miss lifting weight now that i´m talking about it. But that´s okay. Give it about 10 months. But, anyways, that is why i was thinking about races. Because I think we are in the huge race but we´re not running against anyone, just the mirror on the side of us. And the thing is that we aren´t ever gonna be ahead of ourselves, just in the same place. But sometimes i think we sometimes watch ourselves hoping that miraculously our foot is going to be in front of the reflection, but as it is a reflection, it is 100% impossible. So stop looking at the mirror, analyzing every single step, or seeing who is ahead, but just forget that it´s there and look forward :) Because if we are just so stuck on who is in front of the other, we aren´t gonna see the end! How are we going to see the big smoothie cart that is at the end of the race if we´re stuck looking at the side of us? I use smoothie cart because that is what I always pictured at the end of 400´s ;) But just look to the end because against who are racing against doesn´t matter! :) 

Love you all! Be good!

Sister Parco



C is good. We've been visiting her with members and having noite familiars. We had a really good experience with a menos ativo. P, one of our menos ativos is just having a really hard time with her self esteem. She broke up with her boyfriend this week, which was a good thing, but she is feeling so alone and just low about herself. So we read scriptures together and then I told her to come stand by me in the mirror and just look at herself and tell me what she sees. And then after she was done, i told her to keep looking at the mirror, I told her what I saw. And it´s funny how on the mission, you see with the Lord´s eyes. I looked at her straight in the eye and we told her about her divinity and how that no matter how low she felt, or how alone she felt, she was a daughter of God, and that never was going to change. And it´s crazy how much power you felt. How much love you felt. I decided that we should all kneel at the end and pray, and we asked her to give the prayer. It was amazing. I think it was the most heartfelt prayer that i've heard. She sat there and cried and just pleaded with her Heavenly Father. And she just told him how weak she was feeling and that she wanted help. It was really powerful. I love those moments on a mission <3

Yup. That happened.

So I was talking to someone at the front of their gate when we were talking about Joseph Smith and yes. A bug flew in my mouth. During the first vision. So here we are teaching and I start gagging and coughing in the middle of the lesson. So hilarious ;)


So like me, this email is really short. And no, I don´t think i've grown on a mish. But we´ll have to see. Maybe you all will shrink. That would be nice.

Love you all! Take care! <3

Sister Parco

Mountain Climbing

The peeps

C is wonderful! She is reading, she is praying, she is learning, understanding. Everything. And I just love her. She is so wonderful :) We are having a noite familiar with here tonight! Just a reminder for those at home-- DO FAMILY HOME EVENING. It´s awesome. And invite the missionaries. Because they like free dinner or snacks too ;) We met a bunch of families this week, and all look like they are prepared! It stinks because this always seems to happen at the end of transfers ;P But hey, that´s okay, you gotta plant a seed, right? We met N, L, and J who are wonderful and committed to reading the book of mormon and praying about the plan of salvation, the family of M that has two little boys that were so involved in the lesson. Turns out that they´ve already had contact with the missionaries but they moved. We met V who met us at the gate and wanted us to come talk to her another day. Turns out she´s read half of the book of mormon already and already knows that it is true. We just have to fix a few things because the missionaries before us really pressured her to mark a date and I think she didn't like that so we are just going to have to take it slow :) We also met with some young women this week, L, L, and their sister who are really interested in what we are teaching. Hahaha I think the last lesson we spent most of the time answering questions. But they promised to read and pray about the book of mormon before our next visit too :) L and V are good too. They loved the plan of salvation and are reading the book of mormon together.  V and L are good, but this week we decided to leave them for a bit, because there is not much more we can do, only their free will. 

New things

I drink tea now. A lot more than usual. It´s actually really calming. You should try it! Also, we´re staying inside during the world cup games because it´s dangerous and everyone is going to be watching TV. I´m not sure how I feel. I was happy about the chance to maybe catch up on some sleep, but at the same time, it´s gonna drive me crazy and i´m gonna miss talking to people. Haha we´ll have to see. Okay family. One important question. Did I ever talk in my sleep? Because, I talked in my sleep and started snoring. This week (I know the snoring is normal, but still.) Turns out I just started this week. That is fun for my companion. She definitely gives me evil glares in the morning but she´s pretty chill about it ;) We get along pretty well :)

Things I´ve learned

It´s funny how when you try your hardest to do what the Lord commands, that you are so much happier and just excited! Prayers are not just those recited pleases and thank you´s, but just a wonderful time to talk with your heavenly Father for a bit. You just feel excited, courageous, and show him that you are willing to do what He asks.

Mountain climbing

You know how when you go rock climbing and you have that person that holds the rope and when you can´t reach things they just give you that lift, and then rock climbing is really easy? Well that´s how this week felt. With the the help of the Lord you can do anything, awesome huh? I just realized this week how easy missionary work is. I think at first I always made it so hard for myself. I memorized phrases, made formulas, marked my scriptures like no other, took notes of lessons, and made notecards of different situations. Yes, of course this can be very important, but I just realized that most of it is saying stuff that you already know. I know the blessings of the Gospel are real. I know the presence of a God is real. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is restored. It´s just the fact of telling people that. And I think that I always put it in a way that was a people pleaser way. But it should be so natural. Don´t sugar coat it, don´t use fancy words, just tell them what you know! Be excited! Be sure. Because it is true! There is a gospel out there waiting for them. It´s so matter of fact that it´s gonna bless their life. It´s fact that they are going to see changes in their lives, they just have to do it. So you just tell them that. And then give them the choice to decide. It´s so wonderful! And of course i´m not saying that every day is easy. But I think this week I realized how sharing the Gospel is so easy. It´s like teaching about the law of gravity, teaching a kid how plants grow, it´s wonderful! This happened. And it´s real. We have a God who wants the better for us. So, as He is a God who wants the better for us, he provided a plan with prophets, with the Gospel and with agency all with the help of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It's so marvelous and so simple! I love telling people something that is so simple and something that I know :) <3

I love you guys soooo much and am so grateful to be out here! It´s probably the best thing i´ll ever do ever. I love it so much. Take care and share what you know! :)

Sister Parco


The happenings of the week

You´re not going to believe it. I got bitten by a dog again. I thinks it´s because of my big calves. It was a little sad because it was actually a skirt that I liked. But I think i´m over it ;) But we were leaving V´s house and their dog comes out of nowhere and out of all the wonderful people with more skinnier legs than me, he decides to come and bite my skirt and pull me back towards the house. I am very grateful for belts. Very grateful. Me and Sister B laughed so stinking hard. 3 days later! I have no idea why. So, pretty much, mom, when we get a dog when I get home( ;) ) We should buy a small dog.

The serious questions

I am curious. Has Ryan taken my room?

New stuff

So i tried to dye my hair. Yup. That´s right. I was definitely trying to be a rebellious child. But turns out my hair had the same idea. So the highlights are pretty light, but hey next time. What do you think, all blonde next time? ;)

Funny moments

I love knocking on doors and meeting a bunch of different people. You meet people from all different aspects of life. There is (are?) probably more awkward experiences on a mission than any other time in your life. But there was this awkward man that we met. He answered the door, said just a minute, then went inside to wash dishes and then came back, told us to wait at the other gate for him. Then he went back inside. and then came back outside and then asked why we were there and asked us to knock again. It was just so weird. But I love people.

The what´s ups

This week was awesome! We had an open house at the church and it was great! I loved seeing the excitement of the members after they helped out :) <3 It just made me love that they were all excited in such a wonderful work! :) It turned out great! Then we had pizza. That was good too ;)

We had a fireside too this week! It was about depression. It was really eye opening, because a lot of people have it, and it´s sooo normal. I think everyone has a little of it, and i think it opened the eyes of a lot of members and me too. But it just showed how normal it is :) It was great, and especially great for our less active who loved it :)


C is absolutely wonderful! We brought her to church again this sunday and she loved it :) God definitely guided us to that house :) She´s got a crazy but cute kid and me and sister B are having to think of activities for him to do during church. Mom prep here we go! ;)

V is a new less active that we met. And I know that it was guided when we found her. One day, I just had a feeling to look at the weekly progress reports things. And who does that. We usually don´t. And I kept seeing her name pop up. And, at that moment we were looking for X pesquisadores, but I just felt like I should just put her name down and write down her address. So we decided to go there. She is the absolutely sweetest lady and has sooo much faith. But here´s the part that makes me love that God doesn´t forget anyone. Turns out she has a disease in her bone or it´s broken, so she´s imobolized from the hips down. And she also has cancer. And she just stays in that bed the whole day watching tv because she can´t move from her bed. But her excitement when she saw us was absoultey awesome. And she has the best attitude ever. And she was praying and wanting someone to come and bring her to church. Kind of wonderful huh? :) 

L is still the same. It´s soooo hard not to get discouraged, but it´s got to come one time. We marked a goal with him and wanted to stop with everything in one day and he agreed. But we returned the next day and he drank and smoked 19 cigarretes. It absoultey killed me. I don´t know if he just doesn´t want to or just can´t but hey. It will come. 


Alright. I´m going to just be straight with you guys. It´s so much more easier to do everything with help! So here´s my shout out to members and all they do to help. Lunches, food, lessons, involvement. Everything. I just hope you guys know that everything you guys do is really wonderful and makes a big difference. So, go help the missionaries because as you do, you will help prepare the most wonderful present ever-the gospel of Jesus Christ! :)

I love you all and I love being here! Be good! Read your scriptures, go to church! Because it´s wonderful! Take care! Até próxima semana! :) <3

Sister Parco


You won´t believe

I almost died this week! It´s true. I have a hole in my skirt to prove it. So here me and sister B are walking down a street just minding our own business. And these two dogs come up to us and start barking like crazy. And it´s like they made a pact or something because they started circling us. And it was flipping scary. So here me and sister B are freaking out and trying to walk faster or do something and the dog goes out and tries to bite me. And thank goodness it is that long blue skirt that is already ripping, because that´s what he got a hold of ;P But seriously, what a miracle that he only got that huh? And then Sister B yelled at me to hit my umbrella on the ground to scare them. So I did that. And yeah. I felt pretty tough. ;) But it was scary. And kind of funny. We laughed about it...... after about 2 hours. But we still laughed :) 

The awesome parts of the week

Hearing from Russel M. Nelson was awesome! I learned a lot and it was like a big apostalic wake up for everyone in the room :) And, we were waiting for our pesquisadors out in the front of the chapel and he walked past us as he greeted everyone :) And then during the conference he made all the missionaries stand up (to help the members know that they need to work with the missionaries) Yes, I am hinting to all of you, work with the missionaries! ;) 

My week

You ever have those weeks where you just doubt your ability to speak teach or do stuff? Well this week was one of those weeks. Sister B was having a real hard time on friday with all of this, and she was just frustrated with all the expectations and what we have to do, so we just sat down and talked about it. I told her to yell at me what she would yell to the investigators and to just let it all out. Then we talked about our strengths, and then our weaknesses, and what we´re going to do so we don´t feel down about ourselves. It really strengthened my testimony a bit. We talked about our purpose here and what our role is. Then after a few hugs and "you're doing fine"s  we headed out :) And I think by the end of our day, our conversation got to me because we were both feeling down. So we decided to see if M was home because she is usually always home and it was wet. And she wasn´t home so we decided to go to the next place. Well we were heading back, and in the house across the street is this little one year old and her brother, and the little one year old is yelling at us or saying hi or something. And I was like, alright, one more. We knock on the door and the lady lets us in right away. And we met C and J! A family living in the back of the ladies house. And turns out that she was looking for a church and agreed to go to church with us then next day, (which was about 7:45 in the morning because of Russel M Nelson by the way) Can you believe it? She´s already excited about everything and is just sooooo ready! It kind of taught me this week that even though we think we have weaknesses, even though we feel like we aren´t good enough, the Lord takes what we got and works with it. And if we are full of faith and working our hardest, he will put us in the exact place that we are needed. 

The peeps

Alright. So I got scolded at because I´m not writing a lot about how people are doing so this is my letter of repentance ;)

V went to church! He´s one of those guys who doesn´t like to be noticed, so I don´t think he even knows that we know that he went, but he did! Without a ride, without an invatation from a member without anything. He drove just to go. And it was awesome! We didn´t get a chance to talk to him after but I´m sure he´s gotta open up one of these times to tell what he is feeling. It will come. He wouldn´t read the whole book of mormon for nothing ;) He´s close I can just feel it ;)

L is good. Still going. We´ve had more lessons where he´s not been tipsy which just makes me happy. But last week we made a goal to stop with everything today, so i´ll tell you how that goes next week :) But he´s still going to church every week and is really trying hard to do what is right. He just needs a little push. 

I just have to put L and J together, because me and sister B decided that they are like our uncles. But seriously. These two 50 year old men are just the awesomest dearest people ever.

P is a menos ativo (less active). And we have been trying to get her to go back to church, becasue her kids always go but she stays in the house. But for the conference, she went! And she brought her non member boyfriend with too! That most definitely made my day :) She is doing much better and we are challenging her to start everything over and return :)

The family of V and L and D are doing good. They´re really struggling because their old church was telling their kids a bunch of lies like God was going to take the kids up in an ark or something like that, I don´t know. But we are teaching them how they can find out for themselves which church they can follow. They are such a dear family and leticia their daughter is seriously the cutest thing ever :) 

F. We met an athiest this week! We challenged him just to try and read the book of mormon and then after ask if God exists. He agreed and we´re gonna visit him this week :)

R and R. They are an absolutely wonderful family! And when I see them, I see a primary president, and a young mens leader. But seriously. They have two kids 1 and 4. And they are such a wonderful welcoming family. We´ve only taught them once but I already think they are awesome :)


So I was thinking about my whole week and I was thinking about the movie holes. And how they dug hole after hole after hole. Hahaha what a similarity of words! And I think that´s a lot like us. We dig our holes every day, and sometimes we don´t know why we´re digging them. Or for what reason. Some times we read our scriptures and pray, but we really don´t understand what will come of it, just hope that we will be more inspired and more uplifted. But one thing i´ve come to realize is that sometimes we just gotta keep digging even though we don´t know why. Because we will find that tube of lipstick and we will find that treasure box with our name on it. And then we´ll live awesomely! So just keep doing what you know to be right. And eat your onions.

Well that´s it. This is a bit scattered and all over the place, but that was my week :) Hope you all are wonderful! Love you all! :)

Sister Parco

Sleeping with a Caixa de Bananas


I heard that Obama got divorced. Is this true? Because I don´t believe it. What else is happening in the world that I don´t know?!?!


I love divisions! I learned a lot! Sister R taught me a lot! Man. I just want to teach perfectly. But I know it will come in time :)

Other stuff

Sister B got sick this week :/ But she´s better now! And I got a whole day with the scriptures! It was awesome! We got the leak in our bathroom fixed! That was fun!


People are wonderful! We met 3 familias who are absolutely prepared and I can´t wait to teach them about the gospel! The others are coming along but slowly :) And sorry this is short, but I´m running out of time. But everyone´s great! I´ll try to be better next week! :)

Sleeping with a caixa de bananas

Well this week was pretty good. A lot of quantity of stuff do do just like those bananas. And sometimes i feel like I don´t have the appetite to eat all these bananas. But the good thing is that I practically worship bananas. And they are so much better here. So this is lame. But there is a lot of stuff to do, and sometimes I feel like we don´t know where to start, but the good thing is that I really like bananas. So even though there is A LOT, I´ll just have to eat them all and enjoy every second ;) So point made. I love having a lot of work to do. :) It´s always better that way <3 :) I like being busy :)

Anyways. Love you guys so much and hope you are wonderful! Be happy. Eat bananas. Do your best. Love yourself. Take walks. Love you all!

Sister Parco

Cutting Onions

The week

So this week wasn´t that bad. I did miss sister P a ton, but it actually went really well! I was freaking out a bit about having to lead the lessons and ask questions to get to know people, but I was surprised how well it went! I am understanding pretty much everything and the moments when I usually have fear to talk, I am feeling absolutely comfortable and the words are just coming out of my mouth. AND NOT AWKWARDLY EITHER. What a miracle ;) It was a bit stressful with the baptism of S though hehe. Coordinating with everyone, inviting everyone, getting all the details worked out, and making sure that it is a perfect day for her was really stressful, and of course you know me, I think too much, and kept up thinking about the situations that could happen and how I could avoid them. But it really was a great baptism. She is amazing and such a wonderful girl :) We barely did anything to tell you the truth :) (Members really have a lot of power! :) Yes, that is a hint for you guys ;) ) But things are great. And WITH SURETY I have a lot to work on. But everything will be great! :) Round 2! :D


L is okay. We figured out why he had another fall. Turns out that he saw beer in J´s fridge and thought that he was drinking, but it was actually the beer of the girlfriend of J. But those two talked about it :) Heheh I love those two. We decided to call them mario and luigi. And if you look at a picture of them both you´ll see why ;) <3 hahahaha But i think as soon as we get everything worked out and get him all excited again everything will work out :)

Cool news

Russel M. Nelson is coming to our stake the 25th of May! That´s gonna be pretty awesome! I´m excited to see him and hear all the revelation that he has for this wonderful stake! He´s visiting because 2 youth in our stake died during youth encampment. And I think this stake is in need of the hope that the savior has for them. 


Probably the best 40 minutes of my life. I love you guys. So much. Around the world and overlapping by this much [------------------------------------------] hehe. It was quite a funny site with all 4 of us. It was like each of us were going to our death beds. All of us waiting anxiously knowing that each one of us would cry. It was hilarious. And then after it we all just kind of stayed in silence and it was kind of like a "well, there's that.." It was funny. But gosh it was so wonderful. I love you guys so much :) 

Cutting onions

Well pretty sure this week was like chopping an onion because when I saw your lovely faces on google+ and I definitely cried in front of you guys. Sorry about that ;) (I don´t know why, but thinking about Jared and Whitney getting married with me here really killed me. And the end is always the worst too ;) ) So theres that. I cried. But the good thing is that I have chopped up onions now to make wonderful recipes. And although I cried during the chopping, the chopping itself was more than worth it :) <3 Enough with the horrible comparison, enough said, seeing you guys was the best present in the world and just makes me want to be happy and keep working and smiling because I know I have amazing family and friends that I love and that love me. And that even though the eyes sting, nothing is better than knowing this and doing this wonderful work that is for exactly the word that I love-- family. But I miss you guys a ton and I can´t wait until 7 months from now when I get to see your wonderful matured happy white (it´s going to be during Christmas tehehehe) faces again! 

Love you and be good! <3

Sister Parco

Jumping Into A Cold Lake

So, the moment has arrived! Transfers!!! And I´m staying here in Blessed beautiful Derosso for one more transfer! I am with sister B and she sounds pretty awesome! I am excited to work with her and work in this area even more! 

Funny moments

Bahaha so we went to a lunch one day of a member that has her mom living with her that i think has alzheimer's. Anyways, we arrive at the gate and for some reason the mom of the member thought that sister N was her child and she slapped her bottom 2 times. Probably the most hilarious thing ever. The face of sister N was HILARIOUS. We were probably laughing about it for a good 5 minutes :) :)

Sad moments

So it happened. Me and sister P were separated. And not gonna lie, it was pretty tough. So many jokes, almost falling down on the street with laughter, awkward moments, funny faces, sad, happy and spiritual moments. We got along well. It was a quiet car ride home. BUT. I´m sure I´ll see her again, and until then, I shall enjoy this wonderful area!

Jumping into a cold lake

Well this next transfer is gonna be exactly like this. Shocking, different, cold (yes, winter is arriving, yes. I am a wimp), vigorous, exciting, a little scary, and something that will probably keep me short of breath. With that said. I´m excited, a little nervous, and am hoping to be short of breath from walking like crazy. As you know, it´s a new transfer! And i´m a bit nervous to take control of the area, know the needs of the pesquesadors in a different language (especially with an american companion but don´t worry, she speaks fluent spanish, *pheewwww*) , and under more pressure than i was before to make decisions and plan lessons, but at the same time i´m so flipping stinking excited. I can´t wait to learn, maybe fall a few times, but then learn from them, and just give everything I got. I know that with the Lord I really can do anything. I just gotta get over the stage fright ;) But. I´m very excited to put everything in the hands of the Lord and learn even more about him, and myself :) Here we go! :)

Sorry it was short and that I didn't send photos, but I shall next week! I love you guys so much! :) Be good!

Sister Parco

Orange Juice


Hey mom, do you remember when we went to Kansas City and we met that one lady who had a daughter that was in the same mission as me? YEAH, SO GUESS WHAT. THAT WAS SISTER B´S MOM. Small world huh? ISN´T THAT CRAZY! The mom of sister b is in the same ward as uncle will?!?!?!? So I met sister B´s mom and now we are living together in the same house! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA We just realized that now and had a little freak out :) SO, when we visit uncle will and aunt mischa, we´ll see each other after the mission! GAH! I love that. Isn´t that crazy?!?!?! Hahahahah thought you would think that was cool :)


The house of M is almost finishing! They put up the roof, and my oh my is it looking wonderful! I´m excited for everything to be ready for her to move in!

A is returing to church! I love her :) She is wonderful! I love to visit her!


Thanks you so much for that wonderful package! I loved every single bit! And I have to say this, but my favorite part was the letter :) We will cook the cake and stuff soon, but we have to wait because our oven doesn´t work :) hehehe but all of us in the house all ate the chocolate that you guys sent and used the hershey spread for our pancakes! It was wonderful and I absoultey loved the jewelry! You guys have good taste


My birthday was a bit sad without you guys, but my companions definitely made it wonderful <3 I woke up with sister B making me pancakes and every one hugging and singing to me. Then we went out to work and V remembered and gave us chocolate, worked some more and then finished off with a Noite familiar with the family of N <3 Then my amazing wonderful companion planned a party, decorated the cake and had bought candles, party favors and everything for a party. It was really wonderful and I´m lucky to have such a wonderful companion <3 But it was awesome. And thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes <3 I felt the love! And yes, you don´t even need to ask, I do feel mature. SO much mature now ;) but not really. I´m still a goof and a little kid ;) Maybe one day I´ll grow out of it ;) 

Orange Juice

This week I was studying a lot about the atonement. And I found a word in there that I think that still the world can´t comprehend--grace. I was thinking a lot about the saviors sacrifice. And I still don´t realize everything that he has done for me. So I thought about natural orange juice. And we, as a single orange only give so much juice. You can squeeze all the juice out of an orange and only fill up an inch of that very large cup. We can´t change the amount of juice that our orange has. We were born in a certain way and were only born with the capacity to fill up only an inch of that huge glass. We can´t add water. And even when every single drop falls from the orange, we still aren´t enough. But that´s where the savior comes in. After we give every single drop that we have, the savior takes orange after orange after orange and takes all the energy he has to get all the juice out until we reach the brim of that cup. I am grateful for the Lord´s grace. That when we try are hardest and we know it isn´t enough, we rely on the grace of our savior- that he has made up the rest after all we can do. I´m grateful to serve here and know that it is the least thing I can do to repay my savior and everything he did. It is a marvelous opportunity to act in his name. Do the things that he himself would do, teach and speak. I love serving and I love my savior :)

Sister Parco