Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cutting Onions

The week

So this week wasn´t that bad. I did miss sister P a ton, but it actually went really well! I was freaking out a bit about having to lead the lessons and ask questions to get to know people, but I was surprised how well it went! I am understanding pretty much everything and the moments when I usually have fear to talk, I am feeling absolutely comfortable and the words are just coming out of my mouth. AND NOT AWKWARDLY EITHER. What a miracle ;) It was a bit stressful with the baptism of S though hehe. Coordinating with everyone, inviting everyone, getting all the details worked out, and making sure that it is a perfect day for her was really stressful, and of course you know me, I think too much, and kept up thinking about the situations that could happen and how I could avoid them. But it really was a great baptism. She is amazing and such a wonderful girl :) We barely did anything to tell you the truth :) (Members really have a lot of power! :) Yes, that is a hint for you guys ;) ) But things are great. And WITH SURETY I have a lot to work on. But everything will be great! :) Round 2! :D


L is okay. We figured out why he had another fall. Turns out that he saw beer in J´s fridge and thought that he was drinking, but it was actually the beer of the girlfriend of J. But those two talked about it :) Heheh I love those two. We decided to call them mario and luigi. And if you look at a picture of them both you´ll see why ;) <3 hahahaha But i think as soon as we get everything worked out and get him all excited again everything will work out :)

Cool news

Russel M. Nelson is coming to our stake the 25th of May! That´s gonna be pretty awesome! I´m excited to see him and hear all the revelation that he has for this wonderful stake! He´s visiting because 2 youth in our stake died during youth encampment. And I think this stake is in need of the hope that the savior has for them. 


Probably the best 40 minutes of my life. I love you guys. So much. Around the world and overlapping by this much [------------------------------------------] hehe. It was quite a funny site with all 4 of us. It was like each of us were going to our death beds. All of us waiting anxiously knowing that each one of us would cry. It was hilarious. And then after it we all just kind of stayed in silence and it was kind of like a "well, there's that.." It was funny. But gosh it was so wonderful. I love you guys so much :) 

Cutting onions

Well pretty sure this week was like chopping an onion because when I saw your lovely faces on google+ and I definitely cried in front of you guys. Sorry about that ;) (I don´t know why, but thinking about Jared and Whitney getting married with me here really killed me. And the end is always the worst too ;) ) So theres that. I cried. But the good thing is that I have chopped up onions now to make wonderful recipes. And although I cried during the chopping, the chopping itself was more than worth it :) <3 Enough with the horrible comparison, enough said, seeing you guys was the best present in the world and just makes me want to be happy and keep working and smiling because I know I have amazing family and friends that I love and that love me. And that even though the eyes sting, nothing is better than knowing this and doing this wonderful work that is for exactly the word that I love-- family. But I miss you guys a ton and I can´t wait until 7 months from now when I get to see your wonderful matured happy white (it´s going to be during Christmas tehehehe) faces again! 

Love you and be good! <3

Sister Parco

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