Saturday, June 28, 2014

Orange Juice


Hey mom, do you remember when we went to Kansas City and we met that one lady who had a daughter that was in the same mission as me? YEAH, SO GUESS WHAT. THAT WAS SISTER B´S MOM. Small world huh? ISN´T THAT CRAZY! The mom of sister b is in the same ward as uncle will?!?!?!? So I met sister B´s mom and now we are living together in the same house! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA We just realized that now and had a little freak out :) SO, when we visit uncle will and aunt mischa, we´ll see each other after the mission! GAH! I love that. Isn´t that crazy?!?!?! Hahahahah thought you would think that was cool :)


The house of M is almost finishing! They put up the roof, and my oh my is it looking wonderful! I´m excited for everything to be ready for her to move in!

A is returing to church! I love her :) She is wonderful! I love to visit her!


Thanks you so much for that wonderful package! I loved every single bit! And I have to say this, but my favorite part was the letter :) We will cook the cake and stuff soon, but we have to wait because our oven doesn´t work :) hehehe but all of us in the house all ate the chocolate that you guys sent and used the hershey spread for our pancakes! It was wonderful and I absoultey loved the jewelry! You guys have good taste


My birthday was a bit sad without you guys, but my companions definitely made it wonderful <3 I woke up with sister B making me pancakes and every one hugging and singing to me. Then we went out to work and V remembered and gave us chocolate, worked some more and then finished off with a Noite familiar with the family of N <3 Then my amazing wonderful companion planned a party, decorated the cake and had bought candles, party favors and everything for a party. It was really wonderful and I´m lucky to have such a wonderful companion <3 But it was awesome. And thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes <3 I felt the love! And yes, you don´t even need to ask, I do feel mature. SO much mature now ;) but not really. I´m still a goof and a little kid ;) Maybe one day I´ll grow out of it ;) 

Orange Juice

This week I was studying a lot about the atonement. And I found a word in there that I think that still the world can´t comprehend--grace. I was thinking a lot about the saviors sacrifice. And I still don´t realize everything that he has done for me. So I thought about natural orange juice. And we, as a single orange only give so much juice. You can squeeze all the juice out of an orange and only fill up an inch of that very large cup. We can´t change the amount of juice that our orange has. We were born in a certain way and were only born with the capacity to fill up only an inch of that huge glass. We can´t add water. And even when every single drop falls from the orange, we still aren´t enough. But that´s where the savior comes in. After we give every single drop that we have, the savior takes orange after orange after orange and takes all the energy he has to get all the juice out until we reach the brim of that cup. I am grateful for the Lord´s grace. That when we try are hardest and we know it isn´t enough, we rely on the grace of our savior- that he has made up the rest after all we can do. I´m grateful to serve here and know that it is the least thing I can do to repay my savior and everything he did. It is a marvelous opportunity to act in his name. Do the things that he himself would do, teach and speak. I love serving and I love my savior :)

Sister Parco

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