Saturday, July 12, 2014


So this might be short again too because I spent more time emailing and reading. But I´ll tell you about my week still!

This week we actually didn't work a lot because we had to visit the doctor with sister B a couple times this week but i´ll see what I can think of :) 


M is changing little by little! At first we stopped visiting there because her heart was so hardened, but we have been visiting her son which is the cutest little kid with such a big heart and such and intelligent mind. But M is opening up to us a lot more and we´re seeing the little changes in her! AND the house is almost finished! They got the windows up and it is looking fiiiiine :) I´ll remember to take a picture of it so that I can show you guys!

R is changing too! We had dropped her for a bit because she just didn't have the desire, but we went back and started talking to her son who we never talked to before because usually he works, and with the dad! And they all decided together that they are going to church! It was awesome! The dad at the end, which was the first time talking to him too, wanted us to tell him what chapter he should read before our next visit. That never happens! I love that! :) 

C is great :) She´s coming along, just slowly :) But I love her so much. She is seriously so humble. So humble. And everytime we come, she´s like alright let´s sit down and you guys are gonna give me the word. It´s funny how we found her too. We just learned this week that she was praying about needing to go to church when we knocked on the door! I love Heavenly Father. He is awesome :) 

I can´t believe that just happened

So i´ve got some good stories for you guys. So we were just walking one day. And I don´t know why I thought this situation was funny, but there was a 20 year old with a look of worry on his face and he´s running to the bus that was behind us. But what made it absolutely hilarious is that we see this old man doing that old man chuckle when that guy was running to the bus. It would be a lot more funy if I could act it out, but I hope you guys think that that was funny ;)

One day I was doing splits with sister B and we went up and knocked on a door, starting talking, and because of our accent the lady figured out that we were american. So she stopped right in the middle of our conversation, and said "i wanna get you guys lembranças" So she went in and got a uniform shirt thing and just handed them to us. Which was crazy! But we marked another day to go there. It was awesome.

Random moment. So we were talking to a guy on the street, who turns out he lived in New Jersey for a good time, and we talked to him about our purpose and everything else, and he was explaining his name, and he´s like, just think of the word squirrel in english, and then he´s like ´´like this!´´ And he pulls up he shirt and shows us a squirrel tattoo on his stomach. And we were like ´´oh, ummmm...´´ So funny. Such a funny day that day. 

So I was still with sister B and we were waiting for one of her pesquisadors in front of her house. So we sit there waiting and we let the dog out because he was whining. So we let him out, then he did what all dogs do, peeing in every single spot to mark their territory. So I´m just standing there and sister B's like ´´oohhh, he´s sniffing you´´ millisecond later ´´oh.... he´s peeing on you´´ Yup. So the dog peed on my shoe. The only thing I could do was laugh. But it was seriously soooo funny that day. 

Sister N did ballet.. i don´t know how to spell it, but she did it for 12 years, so we had a ballet class for workout this morning. Funnest thing ever. I hope that i'm not sore ;)

I was thinking about what the mission was like and I decided that it is like playdough. Because playdough is ours. And we can create it into anything we want it to be! There´s not a right way. There's not a wrong way. And I was thinking. The mission is mine. It´s not about numbers. Its not about formulas, it´s not about any other thing, but just mine. It´s my time with the Lord. I´m going to do what I know will please the Lord. It´s my own. And I´m here to enjoy every single second of it by serving my loving Heavenly Father. It´s a time to change, a time to enjoy a calling so sacred, and a time to love because it is really a short time. And that´s what we gotta do. We just gotta make the life we have ours. No one else´s. And I really learned a lot from this week with that. 

I´m grateful to have this opportunity to serve. I´m grateful for the moments when I´m tired. I´m grateful for the moments I have joy. I would never trade this time for anything else. This time is so wonderful and I never want to waste a second! I love my Heavenly Father and all that he has given me. I love you all and am grateful for all the things that you do! Love you guys!

Sister Parco

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