Monday, March 31, 2014


I´M STAYING!!! ME AND SISTER P ARE STAYING!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO! We literally found an empty road and had a dance party and jumped up and down a bit because we just love this area and are doing so many things! And! The plus side, we get to see the end of Maura´s house! And we´re having a churraska there when we finish that baby :) I´m so excited for this next transfer!!!
We have a problem here. But I shall fix it in no time. It´s always hard to repeat after a person because they have different verbs for different people. So basically my companion just told me (just now mind you) that I have been messing up my contacts.. It would go something like this ´´Oh, I am catholic´´ and the easiest thing to do is repeat what they say and then say, ´´awesome, how cool!´´ But lo and behold, that doesn´t work, so here I am doing contacts and when people say ´´i´m catholic´´ I basically nod my head and act all excited and repeat, but yup. What I´m really saying is, oh! I´m catholic? How long?´´ Oh the trials. I have been totally blanking.. ;) But i´m here to learn, right? ;)
First thing is first that I have to tell you. The zoo here is free. That made the highlinght of my day :) And it was wonderful :) We went with our zone and some friends from our ward :) I love animals.

I love divisions! I learn so much! And I love taking everything I learn, writing everything down and using everything! I love how so many people teach differently and I love learning new tactics and new ways to explain stuff :) It really is the bees knees :)
Women´s General Conference meeting
We got to watch the Women´s General conference meeting! And we watched the whole thing, but get this. Yup. So we were 10 minutes to the end until we realized that it was 2013 and not 2014. Bahahahahah I died. Yup so we definitely took an hour of our pday to watch the broadcast from last year. Oh the irony. But hey, maybe it was a sign that we probably needed it ;) Guess I have to have more charity! ;)
The house
Dang. That house is getting there! It should be done by this next transfer. It is really needed too. We were sharing a message with Maura and we saw that her wooden house collapsed in the middle. So there is a big hole in the middle of the house because the whole house is basically sinking down from the foundation. It´s so crazy :P But one thing I do love is seeing the whole ward here come together to help her out :) <3 The elder´s quorum came this saturday to help move everything and donate some funds, and the relief society is coming to help clean and get the house organized after the men put in the floor. There is nothing that makes me more happy than people coming together and serving their neighbor :) Charity really is amazing and so so important in this life. You have no idea how big of a smile you get serving :) It breaks my heart (with happiness) to see all of the ward working together :) And that's what we are here to do! Help each other out and look out for eachother :) Gah. So thought for the day--Help everyone! We´re all the same species. We all need help. :) So go get them :)
Updates on the Peeps
You know what is surprising? How the Lord does so many things that you least expect. This week we really focused on finding and finding those that were ready, and we tried our very hardest to find the people that were ready. We did more lessons than I´ve ever done before (with an all day conference and pday :) ) and found more novos than before and you know what was funny? The Lord provided us with people that were completely out of our teaching pool. All of the people that were ready were from references and from a young man that saw the "visitor´s welcome" sign in the front of our church and decided that he would stop by and see what it was like. I love the Lord´s sense of humor :) :) We truly were blessed :) And the Lord is really putting people in front of our path. I think that´s the interesting thing about life :) We focus so much on what we´ve done and we think that there has to be some sort of affect to that thing we did. But then the Lord goes out and says, nope. My plans. And then gives us everything we need to do this marvelous work of his <3
Some updates on the peeps: A, who we´ve been working on for 3 months and is a menos ativo finally went to church! We couldn´t have been more happier! We had so many wonderful references of E, S, and M (the guy who just passed by the church) and I´ll make sure to keep you updated on all of them! But times dwindling, I´ll have more to tell next week :) 
So, I just happen to be eating oreos right now. Such a sin but no regrets... And I decided that sometimes people like the cream, and some people like the outside. And I came to the conclusion that I like both. Together. So is life. I am really really loving it here :) The good and the bad, the creamy and the crunchy. And I´m just eating it up. The whole package of 8 oreos. No regrets people. Open it. Taste it. Love it. Don´t regret it. :)
I love you so much! You all are wonderful! Keep being awesome!

Sister Parco

Sunday, March 30, 2014



WE FINISHED CLEANING THE HOUSE OF A! We never thought we´d get there, but we finally cleaned out all the trash and bagged it and sorted it out. I´ve decided I can probably be a professor of spiders because I saw spiders big and small that I´ve never seen before. I am going to guess 30. Unfortunately, I am still afraid of spiders, but at least I have more knowledge! ;)

We´re building a new house for A and M too! It´s a blast. And makes me smile every time. Because here we are two missionaries helping clean trash and who comes to help? Yup, our investigators. Gosh I just love J and L. It is sincerely a blast working all together. A little disappointing too because the members of the ward said they would show up and none of them did except our investigators, but we are going back during the week too. We actually went there today to help wash clothees and fold them :) (The whole member situation kinda stunk because we were told that we should have organized better, which really stunk because I think if members signed up they should remember to help :P A bit frustrating to be told that we were at fault, but haha I´m repenting now and feel bad for not calling them.. :P )

L. Oh L. So we found a support group for him with the drinking, and it is hilarious how hard it was to drop him off at the place. It was, what I imagine it to be, dropping a kid off for the first day of school. It was hard to put him in someone else´s hands for 4 hours, I don´t know why, hahahaha. But I just imagined this the whole time because we dropped him off, and like a parent, said ´´okay, so we´´ll come by and pick you up at 4, and feel free to join everyone. Have a good time´´ Was so hilarious how similar it was. But we hope it works. It´s getting harder and harder. It´s hard becuase it really is an addiction for him and we are really hoping that we can get through this together!

V is well, going. He is in 3 Nephi already and we are just waiting for something to happen. But he´ll pray about the book of mormon eventually! :) But their family is so kind hearted and wonderful. Me and Sister P haven´t bought anything this transfer because everyone is giving us so much food. Especially the family of V, they are seriously the cutest family ever :)

That´s pretty much it. oh, WE´RE GOING TO THE ZOO. SO I´ll have some pictures of that next week! And, next week is transfers, I´m crossing my fingers that me and Sister P stay together :) Because that would be so amazing :) But you´ll see next P-day!

We had a conference this week, and let me tell you. Best pumper uppers in the world. It reminds me of how every day we need to be pure. Pure and willing to do all that the Lord asks us to do. We exert all in our capacity, and with that comes miracles. Miracles that we think are impossible. (Suggestion: Family, watch ephraimm´s journey. I am certain that you will cry.) It´s truly amazing everything that you can do with the Lord. Do we realize the capacity and the talent that we have? It really is astounding, and I think that is something that I´ve learned the most on a mission. That, first of all he cares. And second of all, he has all power, all knowledge. It´s difficult to think of why we don´t put everything in his hands, because, truly, he knows what is best, and he knows exactly what needs to be done. I love my heavenly father and am so grateful for this opportunity to be here and there is nothing that makes me more happy. Laying down in a bed sore has never brought a smile to my face. I must be crazy. ;) But really just love the Lord, and you´ll find yourself more happy than ever :)


Well today´s analogy is like a cereal or cracker jack box that says it has a prize but really it doesn´t because I totally blanked and didn´t have an awesome last minute idea that I usually get the night before ;) So I apologize. But be grateful you don´t have to read a cheesy paragraph ;)

I love you guys so much and I love every minute I am here! I love everything about everything here and it´s almost impossible to stop smiling here. Be good. Have fun. Be safe. LOVE YOU!

Sister Parco

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Race Cars


Still going :) Sometimes it´s frustrating because people pay more attention to my "strange accent" than the words that I am saying. And sometimes I just want to know if they are only paying attention because I talk different or if they actually want to hear what we have to say. But i´m sure It´ll change :)  

Stories of the week

One thing that I learned this week. Raw meat does not do much good for the body. Not much good at all. With that said--first experience sick on the mission! Wooohooooo! And I just have to give a shout out to my companion Sister P because she is a boss. Because the meat affected her right after lunch. And she just pretended like nothing happened. Hehe like, we´re just walking there minding our own business, and Sister P says, "oh just wait a minute," and then pukes on the side of the road. Of course I´m like, "okay, Sister, we´re going to go home" and she just argued with me that "it´s gonna pass, it´s gonna pass" so we continued after fighting a bit because she didn't want to go back home, and every single house we visited (only 4 thank goodness) she had to go to the bathroom and puke again. She´s crazy. I don´t know how she did it. So we went home she wouldn´t let us wait to plan tomorrow and headed to bed. Then the lovely bacteria hit me during the night. Was just as fun :) ;) Hahahaha it was hilarious because Sister P would yell into the bathroom to check if I was okay and I just jokingly said back to her, "it´s gonna pass, it´s gonna pass" hahahahahahaha it was quite a sight :) 2 girls in one room lying down on the ground with half a pot of soup and a half filled container of tea. I just sat there and laughed about the whole situation. But hey, never a better day to just sit and watch church videos all day. ;) It was fun. And hey, Pops, I now know what it feels like to be lactose intolerant these past couple of days, and I don´t know how in the world you do it ;) 

The other story goes along with the sick story. Remember L? Well we had an appointment with him the day we were sick. But he doesn´t have a phone and we promised to meet him at 7. And me and sister puggina just looked at each other. Yup we had to go meet him. We knew it was important to have daily contact with him to help him stop drinking, so we took a bus (for a normal 15 minute walk) there to meet him. I bet everyone thought we looked like the walking dead hahahaha. And then we get there and he shows up at 7:30 drunk :/ but we still taught the lesson and caught a bus to get back home. It was a little sad because he was doing soooo well with drinking and it just hurt to see him fall back down again. But, hey, he´ll get there one day :) I´m sure of it, just needs a bit of help :) 


We met some new people named M and B! They are wonderful! They have so many questions and are so willing to learn more and to do everything :) It was one of the first investigators that actually flat out said-- ´´My gosh, I felt something when you guys were speaking and I´ve seen that my life has been more peaceful´´ A phrase like that just makes a missionary want to yell out in happiness ;) It´s really amazing what a difference scriptures and the gospel can make in someone´s life. It seriously makes us soooo happy :) But we are continuing to visit them and we are so excited for them!

V. Gosh, he is the coolest guy ever. He´s already in Alma 35! He still hasn´t prayed, but he will after he finishes. And he is willing to hear everything we say and just soak it in. And he´s the kindest guy ever! His whole family invited us to lunch with them and told us that any day we can stop by and talk with them. I seriously love seeing them every time we visit them :)

I´m sorry that there isn´t much more and that I forgot all the funny experiences, but I totally forgot to write down notes in my planner, but I will be better next week, I promise!

Race Cars

I was thinking about something to compare and yet again, I don´t know why, but I´m going to compare it to a childhood toy. ;) I am certain that Jared and Ryan know this because we played it all the time. But any of you guys remember that race track toy where you put the cars on the track and you pushed a button to make them go (probably worst description of anything ever...) Well. I remember when I was 7 and I pressed that controller as hard as I could, thinking that the harder I pushed, the faster the car would go. And every time I did, the car would detach from the race track and fly across the room. But the secret was that you had to hold the trigger right in the middle, not too fast, not too slow, so that you could beat the other car (always your car, Ryan ;) ) to the end. Basically. Do what Mosiah 4 says-- don´t run faster than you have strength! ;) Sometimes we focus on the quantity of things we do rather than the quality. Some times we do everything that we are supposed to do-- read our scriptures, pray, assignments or other things and just say ´´okay, I did them, you can bless me now´´ But it´s the times where you spend that 30 minutes on one verse, spend that good 30 minutes talking to a person to see how they are that actually do a lot more than doing an inumerable amount of things. So, nuff said. Don´t run faster than you have strength! Or else you´ll regret it and end up going to a lesson and not remembering anything you said because you were leaning on your umbrella the whole time thinking about your bed ;) thehehehehe 

Hope you guys had a great week! Love you all!

Sister Parco

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bouncy House

So, I didn´t write anything down for some reason. But just know that this week was filled with smiles, service, people, and a bit of a cold. :)

Things I learned

A mission really changes you. Never in my life would I think that I would want to watch all the vidoes on the old testament dvd. And never in a thousand years would I think that I would joke about the seed of abraham.. (theres a part in the bible where it talks about how the seed of abraham are the numbers of the stars inthe sky) and sometimes me and my companion look up and say ´´opa. Abraham would be pretty disappointed...´´ Cheesy and weird but it´s what you end up joking about ;) 

Members are awesome! There is a lady that we are teaching that lives in a shack, and the priesthood of our ward (with out our help or urgency) are gathering together to help build her a new house! I love the members here!!


V is doing great! (Donald-- I called him Donald in front of his face and later found out that wasn't his name. So embarrassing.) He is in Alma already! He has so many questions and I can´t wait until he finishes! :)

L is awesome too! He´s stopped drinking and we are just working on cigarettes with him! He's great!

Bouncy house

So there's somethings in life that we feel like we don´t need, or that we are too old for or too mature for. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Enjoy life! Go into bouncy houses! Sing in the shower. Yell on the streets. Cry by yourself with a romantic comedy movie. Write a poem. Do jumping jacks. Because you are never too old, and you will never regret going into a bouncy house. Nuff said.

Sorry that it was so short! I love you guys so much! Take care!!! :)

Sister Parco

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pendulum Thingy With 5 Balls

First thing is first. There is a boy of 16 years that is sitting next to me with earphones in his head singing at the top of his lungs something about Pokemon. And I don´t think he even knows. Please imagine that while you are reading this. Because I am listening to his wonderful singing here and it is just beautiful. ;P


We have been doing a lot of service at A's house this week. It was hilarious. Her yard is crazy filled with trash and the grass is about 3 feet, and we asked if we could help in any way, and she asked if we could cut the grass. But get this. All she had was a hoe and a sharpened table knife. Yup. We cut the grass with a table knife. Just imagine. It was hilarious. And the funniest thing was that it worked better than the hoe. Yup. Just picture it. Me and Sister P were laughing because the picture of it was just wonderful. We returned today to sort the trash and gather all the cans and smash them, and our work was pretty ugly.. but we´re going to fix it with a weed wacker ;) Guess we should have thought of that first huh?

Another story, so, we were teaching a 13 year old boy about the plan of salvation, and we were asking the normal questions. Where were we, why are we here, and where are we going, so I pointed to the baby and asked where he thought this baby was before this life. He answered, oh, the tummy. Then I asked, okay, before this. WRONG QUESTION. Bahahahaha he got all red and started explaing that, ´´when a mom and dad get married......´´ BAHAHAHAHAH Me and Sister P quickly yelled ´´no no no no no!´´ and then started to explain what we meant,... funniest awkwardest moment ever :) hahahahahaha 

Our week

Me and Sister P work so well together! We love working and we´ve been doing everything we possibly can :) I can tell because i´ve never been more tired in my life. Hahaha but the funny thing is that I don´t feel tired during the day. Isn´t that wonderful! But this week was a blast. The standard for lessons in total is 24, and the standard for excellency is 31, and we somehow got, with walking, 34 this week! But it really was an awesome week! And i´m absolutely loving everyone we are teaching, and the members, and just everything in general here!


Gosh. Have I gushed about L yet? He is the most dear investigator ever. He is about 50 years old and is a crazy addict drinker. But we´ve lessened his drinking from 8 a day to 2 a day and now to none. I have never been more proud. :) He truly is such a dear. And he´s the sweetest guy. We´ve been checking in with him daily, and he always offers ice cream and always thanks the church for changing him and is praying every day. He is just awesome. I love seeing the change in people!

J. Gah. We call L and J our kids, because we are so preoccupied with them and we just want to make sure that everything is perfect. But J is so sweet too :) He always calls and says, "I´m bringing over shrimp that we are going to make together." Or he hates ice cream and always invites us over to eat it, just because he knows we love it. Man, he will be a bishop or something some day ;)


I don´t know how much longer I can keep this up... These analogies are getting worse and worse and maybe i´ll move it to once a month but we´ll see ;P Anyways, I was thinking about decisions and how sometimes we expect direct results of our decsion or action. Sometimes we do everything in our power to make something work, and we get frustrated because we don´t see what it helped, if it helped, or if it even made a difference. So then I thought of that pendulum thingy with 5 balls. We carefully watch our hand use all our force to life that one ball to make the others move. And we expect, from our action, that the other balls move. But, sometimes it doesn´t happen. Sometimes we focus on the 3 balls in the middle that aren't moving. That appear like nothings happening. And we sit there and think. I moved the ball! The other ones should be moving! But sometimes we won´t see a reaction to our actions, sometimes we have to wait a while until we notice that the other ball on the other side swung  and made a reaction. The point is. Sometimes we act expecting to find an answer, be rewarded, or be acknowledged. But sometimes it isn´t the case. For somethings we will have to wait, to have patience. But the important thing to remember is that there is a reaction. It´s a part of Newton´s law! But sometimes it takes time. For some it can take years, some days, some weeks. But it will happen, Ya just gotta have faith! :) ;)

I love you all and I still think of you guys when I´m day dreaming in the day. Love you! Be good! :) <3

Sister Parco



New Area

My new area is wonderful! The members here are amazing! Every time we pass by, they always give us food and hugs and ask how we are doing. I feel at home here! They really are wonderful! It´s a pretty big area, so I am walking a lot more than usual, but I love every single minute of it. Also, the people here that we are teaching here are marvelous, and I'll tell you more about them in the email later on :) But it is pretty much the same as Gralha Azul. In fact, they are neighboring cities! The name of our area is Derosso. And I know it shouldn´t be like this, but I like the people here more, I don´t know why haha. But it´s a huge area with so many people to talk to! 


Pretty awesome actually! I´m able to speak and communicate pretty good and I pretty much understand everything that people are saying. It´s more of communicating with ease. Like, I don´t have something that I can say right on the spot, but if i ask a direct question or if a direct question is asked, I am able to respond. But, when I´m a bit tired it is a bit more difficult. And sometimes i just sit there with my mouth open ;)

My companion

My companion is the sweetest, kindest, soft hearted person ever. We get along super well and sing on the streets and joke all the time. I´ve never seen her mad and we work and teach absolutely wonderfully together :) She is seriously my favorite. She looked a little shy at first, but that changed real quick ;) She´s goofy and cut her hair before the mission. She is very patient with me and my language and is always willing to help :) I´ve never seen her frown one bit. And she loves to work hard, so we are really trying to make this the best transfer while we are here together :) Also, she sings! And we sing wonderfully together! :) We sang for J's baptism :)


We had a baptism this week! IT WAS WONDERFUL! It really is awesome to see a person change so much. This week we met with him every single day to talk about the commandments, and he was sooooo excited to be baptized.J--thesweetest awesomest 60 year old guy ever. All he does is grin. Grin and talk. We love to spend time with him for FHE and everything else. We sang "I Like to Look for Rainbows" for his baptism. It truly was sweet.

V. So, you remember that awesome guy that always gave us caldo de cana? Well, guess what? He is in our area!!!! So we got his address and went to his house. Let me tell you. A complete miracle. If I had not met him in my other area, we wouldn´t be able to find his house. Funny how the Lord works that way, huh? Anyways, he is crazy about the Book of Mormon. He´s already halfway through Nephi. AHH! It´s so cool how we met him!

A-Sorry, but i´m going to talk about A a lot. A this week was proof that God puts certain people in our paths. This week, while we were walking on the street a women came up to us, grunting. At first we were a little like, what's happening but then we realized that she was deaf and couldn't speak. But she came right up to us and pointed to the Book of Mormon. It took us a while to understand, but we finally gave it to her. And then she pointed to the sky, and then to herself, and then made a crying face. Then I pointed to the book, made an action of prayer and made a happy face. My gosh, it was the sweetest thing. We wrote back and forth about reading and we gave her a chapter and she gave us her address. We already returned there and gave the lesson of the plan of salvation. It really is spiritual. The simplicity of the spirit and the power of the lesson. Man. It was amazing. And I just look at her and just see a child of our heavenly Father. There's something that communicates with everyone and it´s the feeling of the truth. Wow. She truly is special and I seriously almost cry every time we have visited her because I am just overwhelmed with love for her. It also breaks my heart, because the second time we visited her she had two black eyes and bruises all over because someone from the neighborhood beat her up. I don't know how people can do that. They just need to sit and take time to listen. It breaks my heart. I don´t know why I sympathize with her so much. Perhaps, it´s the struggle of no one understanding, hehe ;) but it really was awesome :) Anyways, I ran out of time. And no pictures... again. Whoops. I´ll keep you updated on her though!


I SAW CONNER STALLINGS!!! I went into the chapel because we had a conference with the president there and guess who was standing there with his mouth open? Yup. Elder Stallings. It was crazy! We caught up for a bit and turns out we are nearish in areas, so every time that we have big conferences, I get to see him!

So, I was thinking about how everything here is SO planned and timed so perfectly. And I was thinking about our purpose here. So then I thought about a ball. A ball that our Heavenly Father was holding. I was thinking how before this life we lived with our heavenly Father, and after this life we are going to return, and it got me thinking of our purpose here. Us, as the object, oh so tenderly held in the saviors hand were oh so carefully thrown up into the air. And us as we lived with God before are so carefull placed into this world with certain things that we have to do. And when we were born, that ball was thrown, and we were left on our own,with the wind and other objects in our way, tofind our way back to that tender hand that we once belonged. But there´s something we´re forgetting. With the law of gravity, and the right guidance, we will be caught, and return to that tender hand of his. That´s our purpose. With proper steps in this life, we will, because the law of gravitiy is a law unchangeble, return back to that hand. How great is this? Everything is already planned! Everything is put in front of us here. And everything is so hard but yet so simple. I´m grateful for our purpose here. I´m grateful for a father that loves me more than I can imagine (both my pops back home and the big man upstairs ;)) And I love being here and telling the whole world about it!

Now if only I could say that in portuguese.... ;)

Anyways, I love you all more than ever and think of you guys! Keep being awesome!

Sister Parco

Water Pipes

MIracles of the week

So. We have been without a map for about a week now. And it´s been an adventure to say the least ;) But GUESS WHAT. One day we were were walking near the highway and yep. There was a torn apart atlas lying on the ground that had a map of the area. SO, we looked around the area for about 3 minutes, gathered up all the pages and yes. Page 32 was there. Is this not screaming tender mercy from heavenly Father? I think yes! (or no?... I am really confused about my wording there...)

I GOT TRANSFERED!!! New area, new beginning. new companion. DUPLA! New everything. New house, not apartment. New members. New experiences. I am so very excited for this and we both made a pact that we both are going to work harder than ever. Both of us want to ´´pega fogo´´. I don´t understand the meaning but I think it´s like lighting the area on fire or ´´killing it´´ So, I am super excited about that!!! I am going to miss the members and investigators I met in my old area, but they are in good hands! I´m so ready and willing and just so excited for this new area!!!

I found a brazilian world cup backpack. Of course I bought it ;)

Not miracles.

I forgot my camera. Again. With all the members that I said bye to.. :( I also 

(We had a huge huge disappointment this week. We had a baptism scheduled for this Saturday with R.. Everything was perfect. She was so happy and smiled every time we came over and understood all of the doctrine. We set her up with an interview and she passed. That was the day before the baptism. We invited all the less actives, walked to all their houses and told all the members. Everything was ready. Until the next day she called us early in the morning the day of her baptism. She said she was dropping us and that she didn´t want to talk to us until she called us and that she had to sort something out. That realy killed. And the day was kinda rainy figuratively and lterally after that. But hey. Wasn´t the time. Because everything is on the Lord´s time, right? Exactly. So never give up because everything has a reason!!!! :) )

Water Pipes

I was thinking about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I was thinking of what I could use because I couldn´t fall asleep because it was a lot colder than usual (yes, I am a wimp... ;) ) And I wanted to compare it to water pipes. Becuase how many of us have actually seen where our water comes from? How many of us have seen the huge pipe that delivers water to our houses? If we really thought about it. Not many of us. So how do we know those pipes exist. We´ve never seen it. We don´t know where they are and we don´t see them physically attatched to our houses. Sure, we can see the intricate piping in our houses and see the little pipes there. But not total proof of where are water comes from. It´s so similar to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don´t see the pipes, but I know it´s there. And I know it´s real. I wash my face with it, brush my teeth with it, and when we feel like cooking, I cook with it ;) But just think. We don´t have scientifical proof of the evangelho to prove that it is true. But think. We don´t need it. We know it´s there. It´s there and it´s always there to help with everything. There is no scientific proof, but I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know it´s true and i know that it´s real. It´s more real than anything. I know God lives. I know we have a savior that physically died for us and our sins. I know Joseph Smith saw Heavenly father and Jesus Christ without a doubt. I am grateful to serve a mission and tell the whole world of this wonderful news! I love all of you!!

Sister Alyssa Parco