Sunday, April 27, 2014

Those Dolls with like 6 dolls inside them...

I´m sorry that it´s gonna be uber uber short today, but I don´t have much time.


L is still going. He makes the decision to be put into a facility and then he changes his mind. Then he makes it again and then changes his mind. I know that someday we´ll get to that point, but all we have to do is have patience :)

We met a man named JB and man does he talk a lot ;) I love it. He talks our ears off, but it is just one more challenge during the lesson to try to guide. But most of the lesson is listening and trying to teach them the simple truths, so I think it will work out wonderfully :) But he´s great. He had a wife that passed away about a year ago, and it makes me just love him and tell him that there is a plan after life and the whole plan that the Lord made for everyone of us!

R and G are great! They are excited and reading the Book of Mormon and praying. I love when people see changes. Maybe a little more peace in their lives, a little more tranquilidade and just the fact that they notice so much more that the Lord has given them. They just gotta give that wonderful book a chance. Without any judgement, without any doubts, but with that desire to want to learn, to know that there is something more :) Isn´t that great? I love that :) <3

L and J together, our buds, are doing just fine. Us 4 together is quite a hoot :) We had another churrasco last night to try and change L's mind again, but gosh I just love the 4 of us together. Always a hoot.

P is just a miracle. It´s funny how the Lord works. Every time we have felt to go there, it has always been the perfect time, the exact moment she needed help. P is a menos ativo and we´ve just started visiting her last week, and we didn´t even know but she has been praying for help and some people to help her go through some of the stuff she is going through, and gah, the Lord´s timing is just perfect :)

T is another menos ativo, and we all have a hoot together :) We decided to take her on splits with us and it is just the best thing ever! She loves it and she is starting to come back to church :) I have a picture with her but for some reason the camera isn´t working :P

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! It truly is a wonderful holiday :) Our own savior lifted up on the cross. And we get to have a day to celebrate it! How wonderful is that?!?! The knowledge that this wonderful plan was made and formed with the atonement of Christ that was planned before everything just shows to me how much God really does love us- that he sent his son. Just think of that. Gosh life is amazing :) 

Those dolls that have 6 dolls inside them. Sorry that my analogies are getting lame. It´s just so many things happen during the week and I forget to write them down and I just get so involved during the week and forget that I'm writing soon, and  then I just completely forget about the analogy, so..... you get stuck with something that I made up 3 minutes ago. ;) But. Those doll things are like the scriptures. You can take one verse from the scriptures and find so many different avenues! And every time you read them, you find something even more special. Something different. And inside that doll, you find another wonderful word or phrase or meaning. IT´S ENDLESS. And I love it. So read your scriptures. Because they are endless and completely and utterly wonderful :) <3

Anyways, that´s it, sorry that there isn´t more or more things that happen during the week, but i´ll improve for next week! One thing-- living in 4 is a hoot :) I love talking and dancing and singing. Church songs have never been more fun ;) I love you all and I promise that I´ll try to be super focused during the week so that I can remember everything! I love you guys so much! Take care!

(Sorry, no pictures, the cord isn´t working :/ But next week! :)

Love ya!

Sister Parco :)

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