Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Water Pipes

MIracles of the week

So. We have been without a map for about a week now. And it´s been an adventure to say the least ;) But GUESS WHAT. One day we were were walking near the highway and yep. There was a torn apart atlas lying on the ground that had a map of the area. SO, we looked around the area for about 3 minutes, gathered up all the pages and yes. Page 32 was there. Is this not screaming tender mercy from heavenly Father? I think yes! (or no?... I am really confused about my wording there...)

I GOT TRANSFERED!!! New area, new beginning. new companion. DUPLA! New everything. New house, not apartment. New members. New experiences. I am so very excited for this and we both made a pact that we both are going to work harder than ever. Both of us want to ´´pega fogo´´. I don´t understand the meaning but I think it´s like lighting the area on fire or ´´killing it´´ So, I am super excited about that!!! I am going to miss the members and investigators I met in my old area, but they are in good hands! I´m so ready and willing and just so excited for this new area!!!

I found a brazilian world cup backpack. Of course I bought it ;)

Not miracles.

I forgot my camera. Again. With all the members that I said bye to.. :( I also 

(We had a huge huge disappointment this week. We had a baptism scheduled for this Saturday with R.. Everything was perfect. She was so happy and smiled every time we came over and understood all of the doctrine. We set her up with an interview and she passed. That was the day before the baptism. We invited all the less actives, walked to all their houses and told all the members. Everything was ready. Until the next day she called us early in the morning the day of her baptism. She said she was dropping us and that she didn´t want to talk to us until she called us and that she had to sort something out. That realy killed. And the day was kinda rainy figuratively and lterally after that. But hey. Wasn´t the time. Because everything is on the Lord´s time, right? Exactly. So never give up because everything has a reason!!!! :) )

Water Pipes

I was thinking about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I was thinking of what I could use because I couldn´t fall asleep because it was a lot colder than usual (yes, I am a wimp... ;) ) And I wanted to compare it to water pipes. Becuase how many of us have actually seen where our water comes from? How many of us have seen the huge pipe that delivers water to our houses? If we really thought about it. Not many of us. So how do we know those pipes exist. We´ve never seen it. We don´t know where they are and we don´t see them physically attatched to our houses. Sure, we can see the intricate piping in our houses and see the little pipes there. But not total proof of where are water comes from. It´s so similar to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don´t see the pipes, but I know it´s there. And I know it´s real. I wash my face with it, brush my teeth with it, and when we feel like cooking, I cook with it ;) But just think. We don´t have scientifical proof of the evangelho to prove that it is true. But think. We don´t need it. We know it´s there. It´s there and it´s always there to help with everything. There is no scientific proof, but I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know it´s true and i know that it´s real. It´s more real than anything. I know God lives. I know we have a savior that physically died for us and our sins. I know Joseph Smith saw Heavenly father and Jesus Christ without a doubt. I am grateful to serve a mission and tell the whole world of this wonderful news! I love all of you!!

Sister Alyssa Parco

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