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Don´t know why. But I was craving girl scout cookies this week. No idea why. And mom, I thought you would like to know that when I showed one of the sisters a picture of you and dad, they didn't believe me when I told them your age ;) I thought that you would absolutely love that :) OH! You won´t believe me because I didn't believe it when someone told me. BUT. It hails here. Yes. It can be 80 degrees out and then rainy and hailing within the same 20 minutes. Reminds me a bit of Minnesota bipolarity ;) Another thing. I was introducing myself and said I was from minnesota near canada. And the first thing she said was, oh, canada, is it true that it is always cold there? Yup So us as minnesotans have a wonderful reputation of being cold all year round :) (Which is definitely true right now ;) ) I thought it was funny what people think of good old minnesota. :) And by the way, you´re gonna think of me as a wimp, but i bought a coat for the winter here. I am going to be a wimp when I get back. For sure ;) 


Every time when we are walking to an appointment, we usually pass by a man that sells caldo de cana (SO GOOD. ITS LIKE PURE SUGAR IN WATER FORM). And every time, we talk to him, talk about our purpose, our plans everything. Well, we've created a relationship with him, and every time we pass by he gives us caldo de cana for free! He is seriously so awesome! We try to pay but he won´t let us. And he always waves us over to come and drink the leftovers. Unfortunately he isn´t in our area so we can´t teach him :( But he is still just as wonderful and awesome! Another thing. One of our investigators named R is the sweetest most kind hearted lady ever; Whenever we go over to teach lessons, she is always ready and committed to keep all the compromises that we give her. She calls me her ´´imported daughter´´ Haha she is hilarious and loves to talk and talk and talk. Also, we had a district activity with water balloons! SO MUCH FUN!

Stuff that happened

I hate to say it, but it´s so hard to remember everything, even when I write things down. The whole week just combined in a blur. BUT We helped clean R´s house this week! I love how brazilians clean floors. It sounds strange but it is a lot simpler. You just take a bucket, pour it on after soaping it a bit and then squeegie it all to the bathroom drain. Was actually kind of fun. And interesting because the dog lived in the parts that we cleaned so there was a lot of hair, but it was still wonderful :) Also, we had stake conference this weekend! So awesome! A member of the 70 came and spoke! He was awesome! A lot of the conference (this is the saturday before stake conference)  was about missionary work, and guess what he did? He called up two pairs of missionaries during the conference, the mission president, the stake president, and 2 bishops and then he said, (this is in the middle of the conference), "Alright, so you guys for the next 20-30 minutes are going to do contacts to invite people to come tomorrow!" What?! Hahaha it was hilarious! So all the bishops, stake president, and others all left. It was so funny! But, it worked!


I don´t have much time so i´ll try to make this make sense. Needless to say. An egg uncooked is disgusting. There´s no way you could eat it. But. After cooking it and putting spices in it and adding milk and everything (I´m thinking of your eggs right now Ryan;P) You have a wonderful master piece!  Anyways, when you have your slimy eggs in life, when everything seems wrong and you are frustrated and things are happening. Stop and cook the egg. add spices. add milk, add cheese. Because with the right ingredients, you will realize how wonderful and amazing your life is! You are a daughter or son of God! You have no reason to be sad! You are amazing and life is amazing! Each little detail in life is wonderful! Every experience is amazing! Needless to say. I love life. The life of a missionary is absoulutely wonderful! Working everytday and then sleeping and then working again is THE BEST! Love Life! I love you guys!!!!!! I know this was horrible but it was the best thing i could think of ;)


Sister Parco

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