Monday, March 10, 2014

Bouncy House

So, I didn´t write anything down for some reason. But just know that this week was filled with smiles, service, people, and a bit of a cold. :)

Things I learned

A mission really changes you. Never in my life would I think that I would want to watch all the vidoes on the old testament dvd. And never in a thousand years would I think that I would joke about the seed of abraham.. (theres a part in the bible where it talks about how the seed of abraham are the numbers of the stars inthe sky) and sometimes me and my companion look up and say ´´opa. Abraham would be pretty disappointed...´´ Cheesy and weird but it´s what you end up joking about ;) 

Members are awesome! There is a lady that we are teaching that lives in a shack, and the priesthood of our ward (with out our help or urgency) are gathering together to help build her a new house! I love the members here!!


V is doing great! (Donald-- I called him Donald in front of his face and later found out that wasn't his name. So embarrassing.) He is in Alma already! He has so many questions and I can´t wait until he finishes! :)

L is awesome too! He´s stopped drinking and we are just working on cigarettes with him! He's great!

Bouncy house

So there's somethings in life that we feel like we don´t need, or that we are too old for or too mature for. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Enjoy life! Go into bouncy houses! Sing in the shower. Yell on the streets. Cry by yourself with a romantic comedy movie. Write a poem. Do jumping jacks. Because you are never too old, and you will never regret going into a bouncy house. Nuff said.

Sorry that it was so short! I love you guys so much! Take care!!! :)

Sister Parco

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