Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Race Cars


Still going :) Sometimes it´s frustrating because people pay more attention to my "strange accent" than the words that I am saying. And sometimes I just want to know if they are only paying attention because I talk different or if they actually want to hear what we have to say. But i´m sure It´ll change :)  

Stories of the week

One thing that I learned this week. Raw meat does not do much good for the body. Not much good at all. With that said--first experience sick on the mission! Wooohooooo! And I just have to give a shout out to my companion Sister P because she is a boss. Because the meat affected her right after lunch. And she just pretended like nothing happened. Hehe like, we´re just walking there minding our own business, and Sister P says, "oh just wait a minute," and then pukes on the side of the road. Of course I´m like, "okay, Sister, we´re going to go home" and she just argued with me that "it´s gonna pass, it´s gonna pass" so we continued after fighting a bit because she didn't want to go back home, and every single house we visited (only 4 thank goodness) she had to go to the bathroom and puke again. She´s crazy. I don´t know how she did it. So we went home she wouldn´t let us wait to plan tomorrow and headed to bed. Then the lovely bacteria hit me during the night. Was just as fun :) ;) Hahahaha it was hilarious because Sister P would yell into the bathroom to check if I was okay and I just jokingly said back to her, "it´s gonna pass, it´s gonna pass" hahahahahahaha it was quite a sight :) 2 girls in one room lying down on the ground with half a pot of soup and a half filled container of tea. I just sat there and laughed about the whole situation. But hey, never a better day to just sit and watch church videos all day. ;) It was fun. And hey, Pops, I now know what it feels like to be lactose intolerant these past couple of days, and I don´t know how in the world you do it ;) 

The other story goes along with the sick story. Remember L? Well we had an appointment with him the day we were sick. But he doesn´t have a phone and we promised to meet him at 7. And me and sister puggina just looked at each other. Yup we had to go meet him. We knew it was important to have daily contact with him to help him stop drinking, so we took a bus (for a normal 15 minute walk) there to meet him. I bet everyone thought we looked like the walking dead hahahaha. And then we get there and he shows up at 7:30 drunk :/ but we still taught the lesson and caught a bus to get back home. It was a little sad because he was doing soooo well with drinking and it just hurt to see him fall back down again. But, hey, he´ll get there one day :) I´m sure of it, just needs a bit of help :) 


We met some new people named M and B! They are wonderful! They have so many questions and are so willing to learn more and to do everything :) It was one of the first investigators that actually flat out said-- ´´My gosh, I felt something when you guys were speaking and I´ve seen that my life has been more peaceful´´ A phrase like that just makes a missionary want to yell out in happiness ;) It´s really amazing what a difference scriptures and the gospel can make in someone´s life. It seriously makes us soooo happy :) But we are continuing to visit them and we are so excited for them!

V. Gosh, he is the coolest guy ever. He´s already in Alma 35! He still hasn´t prayed, but he will after he finishes. And he is willing to hear everything we say and just soak it in. And he´s the kindest guy ever! His whole family invited us to lunch with them and told us that any day we can stop by and talk with them. I seriously love seeing them every time we visit them :)

I´m sorry that there isn´t much more and that I forgot all the funny experiences, but I totally forgot to write down notes in my planner, but I will be better next week, I promise!

Race Cars

I was thinking about something to compare and yet again, I don´t know why, but I´m going to compare it to a childhood toy. ;) I am certain that Jared and Ryan know this because we played it all the time. But any of you guys remember that race track toy where you put the cars on the track and you pushed a button to make them go (probably worst description of anything ever...) Well. I remember when I was 7 and I pressed that controller as hard as I could, thinking that the harder I pushed, the faster the car would go. And every time I did, the car would detach from the race track and fly across the room. But the secret was that you had to hold the trigger right in the middle, not too fast, not too slow, so that you could beat the other car (always your car, Ryan ;) ) to the end. Basically. Do what Mosiah 4 says-- don´t run faster than you have strength! ;) Sometimes we focus on the quantity of things we do rather than the quality. Some times we do everything that we are supposed to do-- read our scriptures, pray, assignments or other things and just say ´´okay, I did them, you can bless me now´´ But it´s the times where you spend that 30 minutes on one verse, spend that good 30 minutes talking to a person to see how they are that actually do a lot more than doing an inumerable amount of things. So, nuff said. Don´t run faster than you have strength! Or else you´ll regret it and end up going to a lesson and not remembering anything you said because you were leaning on your umbrella the whole time thinking about your bed ;) thehehehehe 

Hope you guys had a great week! Love you all!

Sister Parco

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