Monday, March 31, 2014


I´M STAYING!!! ME AND SISTER P ARE STAYING!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO! We literally found an empty road and had a dance party and jumped up and down a bit because we just love this area and are doing so many things! And! The plus side, we get to see the end of Maura´s house! And we´re having a churraska there when we finish that baby :) I´m so excited for this next transfer!!!
We have a problem here. But I shall fix it in no time. It´s always hard to repeat after a person because they have different verbs for different people. So basically my companion just told me (just now mind you) that I have been messing up my contacts.. It would go something like this ´´Oh, I am catholic´´ and the easiest thing to do is repeat what they say and then say, ´´awesome, how cool!´´ But lo and behold, that doesn´t work, so here I am doing contacts and when people say ´´i´m catholic´´ I basically nod my head and act all excited and repeat, but yup. What I´m really saying is, oh! I´m catholic? How long?´´ Oh the trials. I have been totally blanking.. ;) But i´m here to learn, right? ;)
First thing is first that I have to tell you. The zoo here is free. That made the highlinght of my day :) And it was wonderful :) We went with our zone and some friends from our ward :) I love animals.

I love divisions! I learn so much! And I love taking everything I learn, writing everything down and using everything! I love how so many people teach differently and I love learning new tactics and new ways to explain stuff :) It really is the bees knees :)
Women´s General Conference meeting
We got to watch the Women´s General conference meeting! And we watched the whole thing, but get this. Yup. So we were 10 minutes to the end until we realized that it was 2013 and not 2014. Bahahahahah I died. Yup so we definitely took an hour of our pday to watch the broadcast from last year. Oh the irony. But hey, maybe it was a sign that we probably needed it ;) Guess I have to have more charity! ;)
The house
Dang. That house is getting there! It should be done by this next transfer. It is really needed too. We were sharing a message with Maura and we saw that her wooden house collapsed in the middle. So there is a big hole in the middle of the house because the whole house is basically sinking down from the foundation. It´s so crazy :P But one thing I do love is seeing the whole ward here come together to help her out :) <3 The elder´s quorum came this saturday to help move everything and donate some funds, and the relief society is coming to help clean and get the house organized after the men put in the floor. There is nothing that makes me more happy than people coming together and serving their neighbor :) Charity really is amazing and so so important in this life. You have no idea how big of a smile you get serving :) It breaks my heart (with happiness) to see all of the ward working together :) And that's what we are here to do! Help each other out and look out for eachother :) Gah. So thought for the day--Help everyone! We´re all the same species. We all need help. :) So go get them :)
Updates on the Peeps
You know what is surprising? How the Lord does so many things that you least expect. This week we really focused on finding and finding those that were ready, and we tried our very hardest to find the people that were ready. We did more lessons than I´ve ever done before (with an all day conference and pday :) ) and found more novos than before and you know what was funny? The Lord provided us with people that were completely out of our teaching pool. All of the people that were ready were from references and from a young man that saw the "visitor´s welcome" sign in the front of our church and decided that he would stop by and see what it was like. I love the Lord´s sense of humor :) :) We truly were blessed :) And the Lord is really putting people in front of our path. I think that´s the interesting thing about life :) We focus so much on what we´ve done and we think that there has to be some sort of affect to that thing we did. But then the Lord goes out and says, nope. My plans. And then gives us everything we need to do this marvelous work of his <3
Some updates on the peeps: A, who we´ve been working on for 3 months and is a menos ativo finally went to church! We couldn´t have been more happier! We had so many wonderful references of E, S, and M (the guy who just passed by the church) and I´ll make sure to keep you updated on all of them! But times dwindling, I´ll have more to tell next week :) 
So, I just happen to be eating oreos right now. Such a sin but no regrets... And I decided that sometimes people like the cream, and some people like the outside. And I came to the conclusion that I like both. Together. So is life. I am really really loving it here :) The good and the bad, the creamy and the crunchy. And I´m just eating it up. The whole package of 8 oreos. No regrets people. Open it. Taste it. Love it. Don´t regret it. :)
I love you so much! You all are wonderful! Keep being awesome!

Sister Parco

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