Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pendulum Thingy With 5 Balls

First thing is first. There is a boy of 16 years that is sitting next to me with earphones in his head singing at the top of his lungs something about Pokemon. And I don´t think he even knows. Please imagine that while you are reading this. Because I am listening to his wonderful singing here and it is just beautiful. ;P


We have been doing a lot of service at A's house this week. It was hilarious. Her yard is crazy filled with trash and the grass is about 3 feet, and we asked if we could help in any way, and she asked if we could cut the grass. But get this. All she had was a hoe and a sharpened table knife. Yup. We cut the grass with a table knife. Just imagine. It was hilarious. And the funniest thing was that it worked better than the hoe. Yup. Just picture it. Me and Sister P were laughing because the picture of it was just wonderful. We returned today to sort the trash and gather all the cans and smash them, and our work was pretty ugly.. but we´re going to fix it with a weed wacker ;) Guess we should have thought of that first huh?

Another story, so, we were teaching a 13 year old boy about the plan of salvation, and we were asking the normal questions. Where were we, why are we here, and where are we going, so I pointed to the baby and asked where he thought this baby was before this life. He answered, oh, the tummy. Then I asked, okay, before this. WRONG QUESTION. Bahahahaha he got all red and started explaing that, ´´when a mom and dad get married......´´ BAHAHAHAHAH Me and Sister P quickly yelled ´´no no no no no!´´ and then started to explain what we meant,... funniest awkwardest moment ever :) hahahahahaha 

Our week

Me and Sister P work so well together! We love working and we´ve been doing everything we possibly can :) I can tell because i´ve never been more tired in my life. Hahaha but the funny thing is that I don´t feel tired during the day. Isn´t that wonderful! But this week was a blast. The standard for lessons in total is 24, and the standard for excellency is 31, and we somehow got, with walking, 34 this week! But it really was an awesome week! And i´m absolutely loving everyone we are teaching, and the members, and just everything in general here!


Gosh. Have I gushed about L yet? He is the most dear investigator ever. He is about 50 years old and is a crazy addict drinker. But we´ve lessened his drinking from 8 a day to 2 a day and now to none. I have never been more proud. :) He truly is such a dear. And he´s the sweetest guy. We´ve been checking in with him daily, and he always offers ice cream and always thanks the church for changing him and is praying every day. He is just awesome. I love seeing the change in people!

J. Gah. We call L and J our kids, because we are so preoccupied with them and we just want to make sure that everything is perfect. But J is so sweet too :) He always calls and says, "I´m bringing over shrimp that we are going to make together." Or he hates ice cream and always invites us over to eat it, just because he knows we love it. Man, he will be a bishop or something some day ;)


I don´t know how much longer I can keep this up... These analogies are getting worse and worse and maybe i´ll move it to once a month but we´ll see ;P Anyways, I was thinking about decisions and how sometimes we expect direct results of our decsion or action. Sometimes we do everything in our power to make something work, and we get frustrated because we don´t see what it helped, if it helped, or if it even made a difference. So then I thought of that pendulum thingy with 5 balls. We carefully watch our hand use all our force to life that one ball to make the others move. And we expect, from our action, that the other balls move. But, sometimes it doesn´t happen. Sometimes we focus on the 3 balls in the middle that aren't moving. That appear like nothings happening. And we sit there and think. I moved the ball! The other ones should be moving! But sometimes we won´t see a reaction to our actions, sometimes we have to wait a while until we notice that the other ball on the other side swung  and made a reaction. The point is. Sometimes we act expecting to find an answer, be rewarded, or be acknowledged. But sometimes it isn´t the case. For somethings we will have to wait, to have patience. But the important thing to remember is that there is a reaction. It´s a part of Newton´s law! But sometimes it takes time. For some it can take years, some days, some weeks. But it will happen, Ya just gotta have faith! :) ;)

I love you all and I still think of you guys when I´m day dreaming in the day. Love you! Be good! :) <3

Sister Parco

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