Sunday, March 30, 2014



WE FINISHED CLEANING THE HOUSE OF A! We never thought we´d get there, but we finally cleaned out all the trash and bagged it and sorted it out. I´ve decided I can probably be a professor of spiders because I saw spiders big and small that I´ve never seen before. I am going to guess 30. Unfortunately, I am still afraid of spiders, but at least I have more knowledge! ;)

We´re building a new house for A and M too! It´s a blast. And makes me smile every time. Because here we are two missionaries helping clean trash and who comes to help? Yup, our investigators. Gosh I just love J and L. It is sincerely a blast working all together. A little disappointing too because the members of the ward said they would show up and none of them did except our investigators, but we are going back during the week too. We actually went there today to help wash clothees and fold them :) (The whole member situation kinda stunk because we were told that we should have organized better, which really stunk because I think if members signed up they should remember to help :P A bit frustrating to be told that we were at fault, but haha I´m repenting now and feel bad for not calling them.. :P )

L. Oh L. So we found a support group for him with the drinking, and it is hilarious how hard it was to drop him off at the place. It was, what I imagine it to be, dropping a kid off for the first day of school. It was hard to put him in someone else´s hands for 4 hours, I don´t know why, hahahaha. But I just imagined this the whole time because we dropped him off, and like a parent, said ´´okay, so we´´ll come by and pick you up at 4, and feel free to join everyone. Have a good time´´ Was so hilarious how similar it was. But we hope it works. It´s getting harder and harder. It´s hard becuase it really is an addiction for him and we are really hoping that we can get through this together!

V is well, going. He is in 3 Nephi already and we are just waiting for something to happen. But he´ll pray about the book of mormon eventually! :) But their family is so kind hearted and wonderful. Me and Sister P haven´t bought anything this transfer because everyone is giving us so much food. Especially the family of V, they are seriously the cutest family ever :)

That´s pretty much it. oh, WE´RE GOING TO THE ZOO. SO I´ll have some pictures of that next week! And, next week is transfers, I´m crossing my fingers that me and Sister P stay together :) Because that would be so amazing :) But you´ll see next P-day!

We had a conference this week, and let me tell you. Best pumper uppers in the world. It reminds me of how every day we need to be pure. Pure and willing to do all that the Lord asks us to do. We exert all in our capacity, and with that comes miracles. Miracles that we think are impossible. (Suggestion: Family, watch ephraimm´s journey. I am certain that you will cry.) It´s truly amazing everything that you can do with the Lord. Do we realize the capacity and the talent that we have? It really is astounding, and I think that is something that I´ve learned the most on a mission. That, first of all he cares. And second of all, he has all power, all knowledge. It´s difficult to think of why we don´t put everything in his hands, because, truly, he knows what is best, and he knows exactly what needs to be done. I love my heavenly father and am so grateful for this opportunity to be here and there is nothing that makes me more happy. Laying down in a bed sore has never brought a smile to my face. I must be crazy. ;) But really just love the Lord, and you´ll find yourself more happy than ever :)


Well today´s analogy is like a cereal or cracker jack box that says it has a prize but really it doesn´t because I totally blanked and didn´t have an awesome last minute idea that I usually get the night before ;) So I apologize. But be grateful you don´t have to read a cheesy paragraph ;)

I love you guys so much and I love every minute I am here! I love everything about everything here and it´s almost impossible to stop smiling here. Be good. Have fun. Be safe. LOVE YOU!

Sister Parco

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