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New Area

My new area is wonderful! The members here are amazing! Every time we pass by, they always give us food and hugs and ask how we are doing. I feel at home here! They really are wonderful! It´s a pretty big area, so I am walking a lot more than usual, but I love every single minute of it. Also, the people here that we are teaching here are marvelous, and I'll tell you more about them in the email later on :) But it is pretty much the same as Gralha Azul. In fact, they are neighboring cities! The name of our area is Derosso. And I know it shouldn´t be like this, but I like the people here more, I don´t know why haha. But it´s a huge area with so many people to talk to! 


Pretty awesome actually! I´m able to speak and communicate pretty good and I pretty much understand everything that people are saying. It´s more of communicating with ease. Like, I don´t have something that I can say right on the spot, but if i ask a direct question or if a direct question is asked, I am able to respond. But, when I´m a bit tired it is a bit more difficult. And sometimes i just sit there with my mouth open ;)

My companion

My companion is the sweetest, kindest, soft hearted person ever. We get along super well and sing on the streets and joke all the time. I´ve never seen her mad and we work and teach absolutely wonderfully together :) She is seriously my favorite. She looked a little shy at first, but that changed real quick ;) She´s goofy and cut her hair before the mission. She is very patient with me and my language and is always willing to help :) I´ve never seen her frown one bit. And she loves to work hard, so we are really trying to make this the best transfer while we are here together :) Also, she sings! And we sing wonderfully together! :) We sang for J's baptism :)


We had a baptism this week! IT WAS WONDERFUL! It really is awesome to see a person change so much. This week we met with him every single day to talk about the commandments, and he was sooooo excited to be baptized.J--thesweetest awesomest 60 year old guy ever. All he does is grin. Grin and talk. We love to spend time with him for FHE and everything else. We sang "I Like to Look for Rainbows" for his baptism. It truly was sweet.

V. So, you remember that awesome guy that always gave us caldo de cana? Well, guess what? He is in our area!!!! So we got his address and went to his house. Let me tell you. A complete miracle. If I had not met him in my other area, we wouldn´t be able to find his house. Funny how the Lord works that way, huh? Anyways, he is crazy about the Book of Mormon. He´s already halfway through Nephi. AHH! It´s so cool how we met him!

A-Sorry, but i´m going to talk about A a lot. A this week was proof that God puts certain people in our paths. This week, while we were walking on the street a women came up to us, grunting. At first we were a little like, what's happening but then we realized that she was deaf and couldn't speak. But she came right up to us and pointed to the Book of Mormon. It took us a while to understand, but we finally gave it to her. And then she pointed to the sky, and then to herself, and then made a crying face. Then I pointed to the book, made an action of prayer and made a happy face. My gosh, it was the sweetest thing. We wrote back and forth about reading and we gave her a chapter and she gave us her address. We already returned there and gave the lesson of the plan of salvation. It really is spiritual. The simplicity of the spirit and the power of the lesson. Man. It was amazing. And I just look at her and just see a child of our heavenly Father. There's something that communicates with everyone and it´s the feeling of the truth. Wow. She truly is special and I seriously almost cry every time we have visited her because I am just overwhelmed with love for her. It also breaks my heart, because the second time we visited her she had two black eyes and bruises all over because someone from the neighborhood beat her up. I don't know how people can do that. They just need to sit and take time to listen. It breaks my heart. I don´t know why I sympathize with her so much. Perhaps, it´s the struggle of no one understanding, hehe ;) but it really was awesome :) Anyways, I ran out of time. And no pictures... again. Whoops. I´ll keep you updated on her though!


I SAW CONNER STALLINGS!!! I went into the chapel because we had a conference with the president there and guess who was standing there with his mouth open? Yup. Elder Stallings. It was crazy! We caught up for a bit and turns out we are nearish in areas, so every time that we have big conferences, I get to see him!

So, I was thinking about how everything here is SO planned and timed so perfectly. And I was thinking about our purpose here. So then I thought about a ball. A ball that our Heavenly Father was holding. I was thinking how before this life we lived with our heavenly Father, and after this life we are going to return, and it got me thinking of our purpose here. Us, as the object, oh so tenderly held in the saviors hand were oh so carefully thrown up into the air. And us as we lived with God before are so carefull placed into this world with certain things that we have to do. And when we were born, that ball was thrown, and we were left on our own,with the wind and other objects in our way, tofind our way back to that tender hand that we once belonged. But there´s something we´re forgetting. With the law of gravity, and the right guidance, we will be caught, and return to that tender hand of his. That´s our purpose. With proper steps in this life, we will, because the law of gravitiy is a law unchangeble, return back to that hand. How great is this? Everything is already planned! Everything is put in front of us here. And everything is so hard but yet so simple. I´m grateful for our purpose here. I´m grateful for a father that loves me more than I can imagine (both my pops back home and the big man upstairs ;)) And I love being here and telling the whole world about it!

Now if only I could say that in portuguese.... ;)

Anyways, I love you all more than ever and think of you guys! Keep being awesome!

Sister Parco

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