Sunday, April 13, 2014

Old People

I first wanted to start out and talk about all the complaints that I have about general conference. OH, wait a second, I have none! :) :) Wasn´t general conference just amazing?!?!?! I love that we have a living prophet :) Just another proof that God doesn´t change and that He still loves us, just like that past :) Gah. It was wonderful. And I´m very grateful that I understood it :) It was all in portuguese and I was pretty nervous that I wouldn´t understand it, but it´s amazing what a little prayer before the conference can do :) Hehehe and never in my life have I seen Holland start the conference! Like, WABBAAAAM. RIght in the beginning. Twas lovely. And can we just talk about the choir? AH-MAZING.

My week

This week was actually pretty rough, our numbers were down, everything fell, and this is this first time on the mission that my legs were sore from walking, but hey, the life of a missionary, hey? ;) It´s just one of those weeks where you walk under your umbrella buy a bag of candy to put in your rain coat pocket and eat while you're walking and just stay happy, because, whether it´s disappointing or not, you´re serving the Lord, and nothing is better than serving! :)


Gosh I love language study. Me and Sister P are practicing getting to know people, (which is hilarious because I don´t know how to converse in english without being awkward, so in a different language is still gonna be interesting ;) ) But Sis P makes up the craziest people that I have to try to talk to. I love it. AND if you want to learn a language and know the easier words, read the friend ;) Probably the best way that I learned all the easy words ;) 

Our adventures with the Elderly!

We cut people´s hair this week! Well, Sister P cut people´s hair this week :) And that left me with the hard part-conversing with the elderly while they were getting their hair cut. I think half the time I nodded and smiled and held their hand because half the time I had no idea what they were saying ;) Also, the lady that is in charge wants us to come to the house and give a mini devotional everyday, so we will see how that goes ;) Today, we talked about charity with them and cut out a heart for all the words that represented charity :) Probably the cutest thing ever ;)


Every one is doing great! Learning more and doing awesome! One thing- V went to General conference and he loved it! WOOHOOOOO! He´s already read the whole Book of Mormon and we were just waiting for something to happen and here it is! Probably the best feeling ever! 

Old People

So this really isn´t a comparason, or gah. what´s it called, hyberpole? Anyways, it isn´t one of those. It´s more of a theory. I decided after visiting all the elderly this week that, you know how in Heaven, (in the truth, I don´t know this, but I always thought this way when I was a kid), everything is going to be white and pure. I decided that is why all of us when we´re old and that all the people that are elderly now have white hair. Because they are the purest cutest things ever and more close to being pure than anyone :) So theres that. Lesson learned. Old people are cute.

Another theory. I discovered why they have the ward feed missionaries. I think last p-day I ate ice cream, peanuts, and an apple and a banana. Yes, I am still irresponsible. ;)

Anyways, that was my week! Hope your guyss was awesome! If you didn´t watch general conference, watch it right now, because it´s flipping good :) I love you all so much! Take care!

P.S. I´m almost to my 6 month! ;P Isn´t that weird? Gosh has time flown by..

Sister Parco

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