Monday, September 1, 2014

Inverted Jackets

This week

This week was great! We met a lot of people, talked to a lot of people and just had a great time! We also went to the temple which was wonderful <3 And people are awesome! Not anything big happened this week, except for the fact that my companion speaks sign language a little! :) Cool huh? This week we met a man the was deaf and dumb. And man I was so proud of my companion when she was talking to him :) <3 It was sooo cool :)


N.  is awesome! She went to church the second time and loved it. She told us that she wants to buy a skirt that is long enough to go to church with a modest skirt. She is already changing and it is amazing! :) I love seeing people change and be happy.

R. is a pesquisador that we have that knows the bible inside and out. WHICH I LOVE. Becuase if you know that the bible is true, you have to know that the plan of salvation is true and that the restoration is true. I love that. <3 But she is great and says she feels something different when we go there :)

Inverted jackets

Ya guys remember those jackets that have a fluffy side of the coat and the other side that is like a wind breaker? Well, I think this week I discovered the fluffy side of the coat.  We went to the temple this week and it was the absolutely awesomest wonderfulest thing ever. It´s so crazy how much peace you feel. But after the temple, all of the missionaries were scattered around in the room, each one of us reading scriptures or sitting and thinking silently. And it was so interesting because we went with the missionaries that are going home, and as I looked at every single one of them, I realized that they were all asking the same thing. ´´ Is my mission accepted of thee? Did I do enough?´´ And it´s so interesting. I think heading on a mission, I had a more egoistic perspective. It wasn´t about am I doing enough, but look at what i´m doing. I´m not saying that i´m here to be a rule breaker, but the fact that, this mission, is the least I owe to Him. It´s the least I could do to pay back all that he has done for me. So yeah, this time is my time, but at the same time it isn´t. But it´s wonderful! I love having this time here :) <3 Its so wonderful being so focused on trying to do what He asks. Because that is when we find the true happiness. I love flipping to the fluffy side of the coat and  seeing the mission from an entirely new perspective and feeling the wonderfulness that comes with it :) I love you guys so much and apologize for the bad comparason. Point is I´m glad i have the opportunity to repay my Heavenly Father. Keep being awesome and love your life! :) 


Sister Parco

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