Monday, September 22, 2014


Whooohooo this weeks topic to study is hope. So I hope that this next will be filled with hope and wonderfulness!

This week we studied faith and man was our faith tested. We had about 2 days this week that were pretty rough. I think we talked to about 40 people in one day. And were completely denied. We spent about 6 hours walking. And I think we walked forever. But because we studied faith, I think we were much stronger to get through the week :) It´s funny how that works. Hahaha everyone says that you shouldn´t pray or study for faith because the Lord will give you something hard that will test your faith. But me and sister torres decided that it was quite the opposite. That the Lord knew that this would be a hard week, so He helped us to feel like we should study for faith and patience. Because these would be the weeks that we would need it. Cool huh?

But people are wonderful. All of our family went to church and loved it :) I love them all sooo much. We met with a LA who got baptized about 7 months ago. It´s so hard to see those that fall away so fast. But she doesn´t accept anyone to her house except the missionaries. She is passing trough a lot and we read D&C 121 with her and shejust sat there crying. It´s so amazing how the gosple can bring so much hope. We also visited a member. It´s funny how the Lord puts members in our paths. There is a lady in our ward who is passing through a lot of things and turns out that she was taking out the trash the same time that we passed. Cool huh? :)

Anyways, I´m feeling really lazy today and don´t have much time. But I love you guys and things are wonderful! Stay awesome! I love being a missionary! Love the Lord! Ate mais! :)

Sister Parco

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