Monday, September 29, 2014

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Things I learned

Do you know how wonderful it is to see things in the Lord´s eyes? It´s so amazing. Me and Sister T. were just stressed with some things and I think we were just way uptight and I knew that we wouldn´t be able to work like that. So today I told her that I wanted to sit still for 5 minutes in silence and then look at each other with the saviors eyes. It was amazing. You don´t know how much love I felt for her in that moment. It´s so amazing to think of what the savior thinks of the people that you are surrounded by.It´s wonderful :) Do you guys realize how much Heavenly Father loves all of us? It´s so amazing.

Do you know what is probably the most wonderful thing to learn on the  mission? Learning to have the trust of Heavenly Father. The miracles that happen the things that happen. All of them show that Heavenly Father has trust in you. I think it is the  thing that I want most on the mission. To show Him that I can have his trust. To show him that I will be obediente to desserve his trust. And when good things happen. It means that He trusts you. With bad things too. I think the thing I want most on the mission and for the rest of my life is to strive to have that trust of him. And Always be ready to do what He needs me to do. I love the mission. I am learning so much about myself and the things that are required of me :)

Stuff of the week

L. and A. were baptized<3 It was absolutely wonderful. It´s amazing that even a child can feel a difference. L. is 12 and A. is 8. When they came out, L.  said that he felt so clean. And A. spoke that she felt something so warm in her heart after. They are so amazing and wonderful. I havent really talked about this Family but they are absolutely amazing. L.  practically lives in the church. He sings in the choir. Goes to every single meeting, and sometimes he just stays in the church because he doesnt want to go home. A. is amazing and reads the Book of Mormon illustration book everyday and Always tells us what she read. I love them all so much. We pray for them every night. The parentes are getting ready to be baptized but need to get married first :) But A. is so ready. She asked us today if she could pay tithing before becoming a member. WHAT? And then she told us that  she wants to do a noite familiar in their house with us :) They are all amazing. I love them so much. <3 I just Picture them in front of the temple together :) With na eternal Family :)

J. is a child of a Family that we found. He´s 16 and he is the timidest kid i know. But I love it because yu know that he feels something. Every time that we go there he does that yawn thing, you know when you yawn to cover that you´re crying? He does that . He´s got a lot going on at home and called us out when we were on the street and said that He wanted us to come visit him. Everytime I Picture him and L, i see 2 missionaries. But It was amazing. J. read and prayed, and is so ready to make changes in his life. Me and sister T. walked out of that lesson with the thought of ´what just happened?´´ It was funny because when we were teaching the Family, he never entered the room, but after we left for a while, it was him that wanted to hear about everything. Man the Lord really has a time for everything.

I love a mission. This almost a year feels like I haven´t even passed a year. It feels like 3 months. And i´ve loved every single second. I´m grateful for the things i have learned, and the things that I have decided in this time now to do for the rest of my life. I´m grateful that I have this time to understand exactly is required of me. I know that my saviour lives. I know that we are imperfect. I know that through him we can be perfected in him. I know taht there is much required of us, but as we are children of God we are entitled to his help. I know that He loves us and that he has a perfect plan. I am grateful that we have a living prophet and that we ahve the opportunity to hear from him this weekend. Gah! What a priveledge! :) I love you guys so much  Please stay awesome like you guys are :)

Sister Parco

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