Monday, September 15, 2014


Things I learned

Check to see if the gate is closed before knocking a door that has dogs. Almost died.

When you step on something, don´t take it off with your hand. Gross.

When you pray for something with good intentions, you´ll get it :) It was hilarious. One morning we prayed for contacts where we could be direct and testify. And we got exactly that. Probably the worst day for contacts . Lot´s of people, well not the nicest people i´m gonna say ;) But we were direct and testified like no other. And we learned and that is what´s importante ;)

Goals are wonderful. How are you supposed to measure your progress without goals? Impossible. I love goals. And I love being na organization freak. I love a mission. It´s incredible how much you change. This week I made a list of everything that i´ve learned from all my experiences here. And it´s amazing the things that you had a sense of before the mission turn into truths for you. You Always have a sense that everything is going to be for your well being. But you don´t know. But every single miniscule thing is exactly for your well being. Everything is to help make you a better person. You know that God loves you but you don´t realize how much of a truth that is. You know what Christ did for you but don´t realize exactly what that meant. You understand that Christ wanted us to serve others, but you didn´t know exactly what that mean for you. I love a mission. We had our stake conference this week and it was a tear jerker, let me tell you. Almost cried. Guess how they started out the conference? Yup. With a sister that returned 2 weeks ago. All I thought of was myself standing up there. Never gonna sit in the same capella, never going to have the priveledge of wearing the name of christ over my heart. It was rough. How many times in your life do you get the chance to testify of Christ everyday? Like, never. Probably have learned more in these 11 months than the past 20 years. I know that we´re supposed to be helping others to come unto Christ, but something really hit me when we had interviews. That the biggest convert is yourself. I´m grateful for this time to become more like Jesus Christ. Í´m grateful that He trusts me enough to do this work that is so wonderful and importante.


A. S. L, & A are wonderful! Gosh I love little L. He is crazy excited. A man from our Ward gave him a suit and he´s being freaking out about going to church. He wants to go every night. He´s 12 and he Always asks when we´re going to come again. He was so excited that his mom even bought church shoes for him. The Family minus the dad went to church this sunday and they loved it :) Hahaha it was hilarious. L. ran up to us after the meeting and said he wanted to show his mom the baptismal font. He is one excited kid :) I love them so much. It´s so wonderful to see diferences in their lives. Every time we go there. A. (mom) Says she feels so much Peace and things have been way diferente in her house. Her kids used to swear like crazy and it was a house of yelling and that she was just feeling stressed. But I looked at them at church this sunday and it was wonderful seeing A. there hugging both of her children and listening and gah. the difference is so huge. I love families :)

Gah. the Bird is biting my shoe.

Anyways. I love you all SO MUCH. I hope you guys are wonderful and loving every single minute of your lives! Be amazing never change and love who you are! :) <3

Love ya guys,

Sister Parco

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