Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Lord is Merciful

The Lord is so merciful. Did you guys know that? I love my Heavenly Father. He really knows what´s best. We had a rough week last week and it was a little hard to get excited again, but the Lord really is merciful and gives us miracles to help us to be excited again. He really knows the best timing and will do things according to what is best for us and is of the will of him. For this, I think that i´ll start with allthe miracles that happened this week <3


We met a Family this week that was a reference that is absolutely golden <3 A, S, L and A. We met with them about 1 month ago and A didn´t react that well when we asked if we could share a message, so we didn´t return there, but decided this week to try again. Well. Turns out that her aunt died 2 days earlier and was really down, and decided to let us in. Then, she felt the spirit so strong during the lesson and they are progressing sooo well! And the husband that slammed the door in the face of other missionaries accepted us and was actually the first one to kneel and ask about the truthfulness of our message. Story short. The mom (she has 2 kids) wanted us to sew her dress to make it appropriate for church. The mom wants to stop drinking (we haven´t even taught WOW yet... :o). And L has already been to church and absolutely loved it and is participating in the choir this week for stake conference and invited all of his friends <3 :)

We met aman named J this week when we were doing contacts. Turns out he´s been going to church for 6 months in São Paulo and had to move right before his baptism in são paulo and wants to go to church again and be baptized. WHAT. This never happens.

N went to church and has gone 3 times already and wants to buy new skirts that are longer and is already loving all the members in church:) I love her:) She's wonderful :)

Other experiences

We met a lady who has a schizophrenic daughter and we prayed with her at her gate because her story is crazy. It was a really wonderful experience:)

We met A who has a kid who was involved in drugs but got beat up and now has a mental problem.We thought he didn´t understand anything. But her son started crying after we recited the first vision. Wow. It was crazy.

We met another lady when we were knocking on a door and when she came to the gate, we could tell that she had some mental problems, but she invited us in and i didn´tknow how to say no haha so we entered and the experience was maravilhoso. I think half of the time I looked straight into her eyes just wondering what she was feeling and feeling SO MUCH love for her.I just sat there bearing my testimony and feeling so much of God´s love for her that I started crying as I testified of God's love for her. It was amazing. It´s so incredible how much love our Heavenly Father has for us.

The members here love us. The washing of the dishes and the post it notes we left in their bathroom work wonders. Everytime we arrive at church, the irmãs run over to us just to give us a hug. And they'd do anything to help us. I think that's the best thing. Having the trust of the members. I always thought that missionary work was just loving your pesquisadors, but it´s edifying EVERYONE. Members included. I love that.<3 

Things I learned

Don't pray for patience, because your patience will be tested.. ;)We decided to pick a christ like attribute for every week and make goals during the week to try and be better with that characteristic. This week is patience! Wish me luck!:)

I love being tested here. I love seeing myself change. I love my savior. I love the fact that I have this time to become more like him. I love you all and you all mean so much tome <3 Take care!:)

Sister Parco

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