Monday, August 25, 2014



Remember V, the one who read the book of mórmon in the library? Well, her mom stopped us from visiting her. It makes me so dang sad. She was seriously perfect and loved everything we taught. We´d go over there and she´d have the book of mórmon waiting for us open waiting to tell us what she read. And she told us that going to church was a little bit of what she thought heaven would be like. She said she felt so good there and Always stayed all 3 hours and sometimes 4 if there was a baptism. It makes me so sad and frustrated that the mom can´t see how this is changing her. But, I know one day in the future, she´ll be able to have a second chance. The time just isn´t now :/

Remember A? hahah so the last lesson was a little strange that was about a week and a half ago, and we were thinking about it and we came to the conclusion that he was actually a pastor of a church. So we went there again this week. And I think he totally knew that we knew. Turns out that he wanted to hear our lessons to teach to his congregation. But the last lesson was awesome. We testified to him like a boss, told him what choice he was making, and left it there with an invite in the end. And he felt and understood everything. It was sad to see that knowing that it was true he still would continue, but we plan to go over there to see how he is. 

G is a menos ativo, she´s great! We had a noite familiar com ela!

Man, I want to tell you about everything, but unfortunately I only have 5 minutes. SO. Just want to tell you guys that I love you alls oooooo much! And I´m so glad that I have this wonderful opportunity to be here sharing this gosple that is sooo perfect <3 I love my savior and am completely amazed for the love he has for me. It´s real. And it´s wonderful. Love you all! Love your life!

Sister Parco

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