Monday, October 6, 2014


General Conference

WASN´T GENERAL CONFERENCE THE BOMB?!?!?! I loved it so much. ANd it went by so fast.. And i loved it so much. They were pretty direct this conference, huh? I loved that :) It was so stinking awesome. And perfect. I think I loved Gorge´s talk, Hollands talk, and Christofferson´s talk, and Bednar´s talk. Gah. I loved all of them. For those of you who missed a session, WATCH IT. Now. Hahaha I was so expecting The prophet to say something tense because there were 3 talks about prophets. Guess not huh? But still. Who is excited for october? I am! I learned so much :) Man I loved how they were so direct. It makes me want to get all my weapons out and read my scriptures pray, and HAVE FAMILY HOME EVENING :) <3 Gosh the world is getting crazy huh? And who loved the fact that some talks were in a diferente language?! It was awesome! Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese. (WHoop´Whoop!) Itr just made me realize how universal the Gospel is . I love it. It was funny because alll the americans were watching it in english together, and we all ran back to the chapel to watch him speak in his own language. AND I think I appeared ont he world report with Russel M. Nelson when he came here :) At least someone said that I did. But Cool huh?

Funny moments :)

So this week we had splits. Sister T and Sister de L and me and a lady from our Ward that has like 60 years, M. Anyways, me and M. were walking on the street and she´d see someone she knew, introduce me, and then mark another day when we could visit :) I LOVE HER. Anyways, we were doing a contact and after we left, I whispered to M. and asked if we wrote down her address. And turns out that we didn´t.And then, being the cutest lady ever, she freaked out and then get this. Just Picture. A 20 year old missionary and na older lady running after another older lady. It was just sooooo funny :)


We´re going to the cartório this week and we´re going with A. and S. to get baptized. They are so ready. We´re having a noite familiar with them tonight! Gah. It´s so wonderful. S. cried during the general conference, and said to us without even asking that he wanted to mark a date for batismo. WHAT. Never happens. Gosh. I love that Family. It´s gonna stink if I get transfered. But. Me and Sister T. have a plan to stay here 5 mese juntos. Let´s do this ;)

Other stuff.

 I´m sorry there isn´t a lot of other stuff. Hahah but this week was great. Oh! We had a estudo com companheiro really good today <3 I was stareting to notice that our testimonies were getting to be repetitive. And I didn´t like the fact that we were just reciting lines, so i decided that we should have a mini testimony meeting. Man was the spirit so Strong. The simplest phrases can have so much power. And it was so diferente using the same words. I think what hit me the most is the fact that Ihave gained a testimony. My fear was that it was just words repeated. But the inviction is real. And I realized something that maybe inside that I probably might have already knew. That I do believe these things. I Know that Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father. I know that He has a plan. I know that the book of mórmon is true. I know that families can be together with the restored Gospel. I know that only through the Saviour Jesus Christ we can one day reuturn to our Heavenly Father.


You ever realized that sometimes we have a tendancy to carry or put on ourselves more than we can handle? It happens a lot. And then we get frustrated. And then we beat up ourselves for not being able to do everything. So then I thought about trains. Each one of us has a specific amount of fuel to get to our destination. No more or no less. And each of us has a certain number of carts to carry. When we put on more carts than the train is specifically designed to handle. One. We slow ourselves down. Two. Our fuel runs out before we reach the destination. That´s where dilligence comes in and understanding who you are comes in. When you know your weaknesses, your faults, your difficulties and what exactly lacks to be like our saviour was, then you can know your limitations. As you know your limitations, you can be sure to know exactly how much you can carry and make the necessary changes. Maybe you´ll but diferente coal so that you can carry more, maybe you´ll switch out the carts for lighter carts. The fact is that you have to be diligente, and Always looking for things to improve. I read a talk from Holland (BOSS) that said that often we talk about how much Faith we don´t have, as if we were showing our Faith by showing the lack of Faith that we have. But it´s not supposed to be like that. It´s realizing that our Faith is weak, but realizing that it´s only going to be a lot more stronger when we actually use our saviour. When we concentrate on our weaknesses WITH the fact that the saviour is there, we will be able to pass ANY dificuldade. Isn´t that wonderful? Isn´t that amazing how we are not capaz and that the fact is that we have to rely on our saviour? Isn´t that the best thing ever? Don´t you feel so stinking blessed to know that? :) I love the fact that we are made weak sometimes, because in those moments we can be humble. And then we realize that we NEED help. And that that help is Always going to be offerred to us. I love my saviour. I love my weaknesses. I love my strengths. I love the fact that the Gospel is na answer to it all. I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly father and jesus Christ. I know that we have a living prophet. I know that God is MY Heavenly Father. I know that families can be together forever and that the saviour will ALWAYS be there, whenever we need him.

I love you guys so much and think of you guys everyday :) Stay awesome and be CRAZY :) But not too crazy ;)

Sister Parco 

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