Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Random things of the week:

I ate cows tongue. That was nice. In all truth, it wasn't bad at all! Tasted just like chicken ;) A lot of people think that i´m from argentina. Who would have thought right? ;) I´m hoping that applies to my accent ;) There's this thing called Pão de Quejo. Literally called bread of cheese. Probably the best thing I have ever had in my life. You should Google it. And then drool over it. Other random thing- we were just talking to people on the street and guess who we run into? Yup. I go up in my broken portuguese and he is like ... uhhh.... I don´t speak english.... HALLLELUJIAH. It was funny. We talked to him for a while and he invited us to come into his family´s home a different day. SO FUNNY
My companions:

I love my companions! they are wonderful! I have Sis M who is portuguese and Sis J who is from my district! It´s awesome! We all get along and are having a wonderful time out in the field! I will try and send pictures if I have time. But there were so many emails to respond to so I don´t know if I can this week, but next monday for sure!
Things of the week:

So guess who our trainer is. Yup. Sister correlation leader. Guess what that means. Yup, she leaves for a whole day. Haha guess what happened this week. Yup. Just this. Here is the punchline. What do you get with 2 americans 2 weeks in and a hispanic 6 weeks in? Surprisingly. MIRACLES. Even though all three of us didn't know the language that well, the day was wonderful and inspiring! It really is wonderful when you can testify of something you know so powerfully. Because any one of any language can feel the feeling of a testimony. Words seem to come off easier from my mouth when I bear my testimony. It truly is wonderful!!
THE BOMB. That´s all I have to say. Pretty much we just eat one meal a day. Lunch. We have this huge lunch and pretty much don´t think about the other meals. I hardly ever eat dinner. IT IS SO FLIPPING GOOD. We always have beans and rice like they say everywhere. I get so full from it. And meat. There is always meat. I tried my first portuguese hot dog. They put more stuff than our hot dogs! Ours look so weak! ;) They are so flipping good :)

The people here are so patient. They are so kind with us and our language. And so patient. They say we are speaking well! What a relief! They are so loving! Everyone greets everyone and everyone says hi in the streets. It kind of reminds me a little of minnesota. So friendly. It is seriously so warm here. (People and climate haha) strangers we greet with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Complete strangers. I love it. And they love to talk. They love to talk and laugh. They could talk all day long with us if they wanted :) I can´t wait until i get to that point where I can talk with them too :) I cannot wait.

I couldn't think of any other word besides treadmill to describe this week. (Shout out to people who like running) This was quite a treadmill seeing as the thing was already on when I stepped on it and was already on 10 miles per hour. That´s what this week was like at first. But I´m very excited that I´m building my muscles. Even though it hurts. BUT What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And I know that my trainer knows what he´s doing. A lot was learned this week. I think a big thing that I learned was faith. There are so many times when you have that chance to doubt something. The ability of yourself. The decision that you have made. The diligence you are putting out. But the thing is why worry. Where doubt is, fear is not. Where Faith in Christ is, miracles are. SO, why don´t we trust in Christ more! It´s absolutely wonderful all of the things he´s provided for us. It took God to create the earth in 6 days. If you think about the earth. Half of the stuff we don´t need. But why is it there? Because he put it there so that we could have joy. He put it there so we could smile a little as we saw an amazing flower or some sort of amazing creature or creation we probably wouldn't have noticed. The other thing I really realized this week was the power of Christ´s atonement, which is also for us. I was reading in Matthew when Christ was washing the apostles feet. And Peter said. Oh you don´-t have to Christ. But then Christ responds something along the lines of if you don´t let me wash your feet, you don´t know me or something like that. So it is with the atonement. If we don't take advantage of the atonement and how Christ payed for our sins and sincerely repent of our sins, we won´t know Jesus Christ. It really is beautiful. And I love talking about it. The gospel is wonderful! BE GOOD.

I love you all and can´t wait to email you again on monday! Please take care! You are in my prayers!

Sister Parco

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