Monday, December 30, 2013

Tootsie Pop

(Can I just say how amazing it was to see your wonderful faces?!?!?! I love you soooooo so so so so much!!)


I got a request for people so i´ll do that now. I have two favorite investigators. S and D. S is wonderful! We have been teaching her for a while now and she is so open and loves going to church! She is going to be baptized and her two daughters too! I love families! Also D. Oh D. He is the sweetest guy ever.But he is an alcoholic. And we have been working with him so much. We want him to change so bad. And he wants to change so bad too. We buy him halls for every visit we have with him that he doesn´t drink :) We pray for him a lot and I hope he can get through this. Thank goodness for the atonement. It really can show a person how much they are loved, no matter what they do :)

Plan of Salvation

Speaking of that, can I just say how dang wonderful the Plan of salvation is? There´s no way that God could not send us here and not have a plan for us. But because He is so loving, He already made one. And it´s so simple! And so unique and so special! It´s one of my favorite lessons to teach. If you haven´t read Preach My Gospel you should study it, because it is wonderful :)


Christmas is wonderful! I love being here talking about the gospel! I had a realization this week of how wonderful it is to be a missionary. Especially during this time. It´s beautiful and marvelous and I wouldn´t ask for anything more. Jesus Christ lives. People should know about that! The day was wonderful overall. We had lunch at a members house, who I absolutely adore, and then dinner at a recent converts house who is the absolute cutest person ever! We sang, ate, talked, laughed and more importantly, I got to see your wonderful faces! People in my life are pretty awesome. Thats all I got to say. I love you all.


We ordered brazilian pizza! I have honestly never tasted anything more better. (lie) But it was awesome! I have pictures but the computer is being weird so i´ll show you next time! Also! Guess who found oreos here? Yup. Who knew?!?!?!? Some stories. Sister Jane used the oven with the glass on top and it exploded. That was fun. ;) I walked in the rain this week. No umbrella. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. And you know what they say. Every time you do that, your husband is more handsome ;) Kaching. We had a Zone party this week! So much fun! We did a gift exchange and everyone brought food and we had a little party :) I love my zone :) SO WONDERFUL!!! This week an investigator asked me and Sister J to sing in english. We sang I Am A Child of God. It was the weirdest thing. Singing in english. I actually teared up a bit because it has been so long :P It was so weird singing in my own language.

I have written here Ecclesiastes 12:7. I don´t know why. I remember it being cool!

Tootsie roll pop. Sorry, this week is going to be lame.....

So it was either tootsie roll pop or chocolate covered liver. I decided to choose tootsie pop. Point is that sometime the outside of things are better than the inside of things. Just like relationships. Every day it´s good to think of yourself and how you can better yourselves, but you have no idea how good it feels to think outside of yourself. There are so many people you can help, so many people you can touch. And once you forget about yourself and look on the outside, you have no idea how much everything changes. You are happier. You realize the true marvelous divinity of everyone.Other things that you worried about before, don´t matter as much. Gosh, being on a mission is amazing. Anyways. That´s my really lame comparison. Just think of others :) Yup.:)

 It´s so wonderful. Love the people around you! Everyone is so amazing!

I love you all! You mean so much to me! Keep being wonderful and keep smiling! We are in life! We should smile!!! :)

Sister Parco!

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