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So turns out I had the wrong address the whole time and just found out today from my brazilian companion that it was wrong so here it is
Sister Alyssa Michelle Parco
Brazil Curitiba South Mission
Praca Joseph Smith 15
First of all, I´d like to ask for forgiveness. Yup. I forgot my camera cord so no pictures again. Please forgive me. I will repent. I promise! ;)
(So, I just want you to know that even if I don´t respond individually, I love you all SO much and want to respond individually. BUT. I read every single one of your letters and think of them very much!)
Answers to questions:
(O my dear loving mother who I love so very much)
Where am I? Gralha Azul!   It´s like  a suburb of Curitiba. Just like farmington! What do I live in? A lovely wonderful apartment that we cleaned today! It´s great and is in a gated apartment complex. As far as walking goes, we walk to most of our appointments, but to get to our district meeting, we take the bus!!! :) It´s crazy how similar it is to farmington! Just a bit less advanced, a little more dirty, and way more people. It´s crazy. you think there is only one house when you first go to clap (equivalent to knocking) but then there is about 4 or 5 houses stacked behind it that only have one little room. It really is crazy and humbling. Some people only have the necessicties. Which I really love. Because really, that´s all we need, isn´t it? It´s crazy how normal it is. It´s so normal being here. The houses are pretty much the same, and they have a tv, computer and other electronic stuff. Same stuff we have. It´s not much different. It´s more the house than the things in it that is different. It´s how old they look and worn down. Theres holes in the wall and the doors are off there hinges and stuff like that. But I think that is just the way it is. And we have been in a variety of houses. Rich apartment to humble little homes. It really is wonderful. I think that that is my favorite part. Meeting so many different friendly people and getting to talk to them about something I love is just wonderful! And people are so kind and loving here. They are happy to invite you into their house and listen to you. They are very open. Like Minnesota and the minnesota nice, but I think way more open. I think it´s because everyone lives so close. There is literally so many people in one area that they have to get along. Hardly anyone has a yard that is only theirs. Anyways, that´s a bit of me answering questions!

About Brazil!
Dogs. A lot of dogs. Stray dogs, dogs with owners. Everyone has dogs. And everyone walks. There are cars here but a lot of people walk because it is so nearby. Annd cars are super expensive here so I think people would rather not buy them :) That´s about it. Nothing much different than before. You´d be surprised how similar it is to the us here. They have so many products or at least knock off products that are like the U.S.
Things I´m grateful for this week:
Good shoes. My gosh. Thank goodness for these babies. I am glad I got those things because I don´t know how I would survive without them. I love to show them off. AND they are waterproof. Just like it said which is beautiful! We picked well Mama Bamma! Expressions on people´s faces. I am so grateful for this because even when I don´t understand what they are saying, I can still laugh or do a sad face depending on their reaction. Isn´t it wonderful how we are all alike in this way? Talking to babies. Another thing. Because no matter what language it is, I can still do it :) But the language is going well!
Well. It happened. I had one of those days this week. One day this week, all of our appointments fell through. We only had one appointment that day. It was discouraging and a little frustrating. But I know that it is apart of the work. AND our very last appointment, the person served us pão de quejo, so of course that made the day all better ;)


We had a miracle this week. This week we ran into a girl named G. She had already heard the gospel before and went to church when she was young but never continued or got baptized. Well. We ran into her and gave her the first lesson and she agreed to everything. The spirit was seriously so strong. I love being out here. Also. This week a portuguese family wanted me to say the prayer in english. It was absoulutely hilarious. I was struggling to find words because I´ve been saying my out loud prayers only in Portuguese. It´s starting to happen! ;)


From the bad day I decided to base this thing on patience. I don´t know how I´m going to keep this up because they are getting more and more absurd, but oh well ;) Anyways. Slinkies. When I was a kid, the only thing I wanted to do was make that slinky go all the way down the stairs. And like this week, I wanted some things to work out that didn´t. But one thing I know is that it takes some effort. Maybe you were holding the slinky wrong. Perhaps you had the wrong carpeting. Perhaps you pushed too hard. There are so many things that you can do wrong. But. We forget one thing. Based on the law of gravity, that slinky has to go down one way or another. And because of this law everything will work. You will get that slinky down the stairs because, well, it´s the law of physics. So is our righteous desires. If what we are desiring is right, God will help us get our desires. Perhaps not our way, but it will happen, simply because it is the law of physics.
Anyways. That´s It. I´ll repent with the pictures! I love you all so so so much and still think of you every day!


Sister Parco

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