Friday, November 22, 2013

The Mailman


Okay. If we counted how excited a person was to go to curitiba by the number of limbs they had in the air, I'd be on my back with all my appendedges and my head upward in the air. Painful. But sooo worth it. I AM SO FLIPPING EXCITED. But the next time you here from me I will probably be freaking out ;) Yup I spelled here wrong. Oh well. Anyways. Be either prepared for a super high experience. Or me freaking out that I can't understand anyone ;) But I literally love here so much. We are sooooo close with the hispanicas. We always talk and its wonderful. A thing they do here when they greet each other is hug then kiss in the air while cheek is against cheek. Everyone is so warm and kind and loving and just wants to give you a hug. I don't know if i explained that well enough but oh well.. ;) One thing. Brazil has a lot of holidays. they just had one last weeka nd they just had one this week. I swear. Party central down here ;) Also. Something I learned. Coconut and poop are practically the same word here. So that should be interesting.


Can I just tell you that it is the coolest thing reading the scriptures in a different language?!?!? You have to read it so dreadfully slow that you have to look at each word with real intent. AND they have different words than in english. It truly is fascinating. And I learn more in one chapter than I might have in 3 chapters of english. It seriously is marvelous. Unless it was chinese.. That would be hard ;)
Things I will miss from here:

Pizza. They have good pizza. People. I have met the most wonderful people here! Companions. I have grown to absolutely love my companions :) They are both so strong and my wonderful pals :) We call ourselves the three nephites ;) Instructors. I will miss them so much.. Today we are going out and buying them presents before we go :( It makes me sad. But I am ready to move on :)
Tender mercies:

I heard a devotional this week that really made me think. If you took just 5 minutes at the end of the day to see how much your life has been blessed, you would realize that the Lord put tender mercies in your life today. As he does with every day. It really is fascinating and is something that I've learned from writing in my journal. Yeah. Who would of thought. Me writing in a journal ;) Oh well ;) But pay attention. Because He is merciful and He does care :)

Mail man:

So, going off of that comes my analogy of my week. So often we take mail for granted. Real life communication delivered to us from the outside world right to our doorsteps. We never sit inside waiting to see if the mail will come or see when the truck exactly pulls up. But we go aimlessly day by day just getting the mail, bringing it inside, and throwing in on the stairs (at least that's what I do.. sorry mom) I think sometimes we forget where it comes from. We know that there is a mailman. We know we get mail. But we don't acknowledge it. So, comparing it to my last paragraph. Blessings. Which has been a common theme this week. So often we don't really take into account the blessings we receive each day. And we don't sit there trying to notice the the mailman actually physically came to our mailbox and hand delivered these messages. We know he's there. But we don't dilligently look for him and realize that He's doing that for us. BUT how lucky are we that our figurative mail man still works holidays and weekends. Pretty lucky right? :) Anyways. Count your blessings. For there are a lot of them! :) Well. That's it. At first I wanted to compare this to an ice cream truck. I'm glad that I compared this week to a mailman.

I know this is probably old news, because i just heard of this from this week. But make sure that you keep the Philippines in your prayers!

I love you all so so so much! And it means the world to me to read your letters every week! You all are wonderful examples to me and I just love hearing from you guys all the time! You are amazing and I love you and you are amazing! Keep that in mind :)


Sister Parco :) <3

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