Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Sorry that it is going to be a bit short, but I wanted to send pictures and respond to people!


Read Alma 26 and tell me that Ammon isn´t a boss. Also read 2 Corinthians 4, but pay attention to the CR in it. It´s amazing how all scriptures fit perfectly together!


I sewed my umbrella and purse this week! Who knew that my first use of it wouldn´t be on clothes? ;) It´s not pretty, but it will do ;) The ward had a chuhaska this saturday. FLIPPING GOOD. So much meat and food. I think I ate more then then I ever have at thanksgiving which was good because we didn´t have thanksgiving, right? ;)


First poisonous spider in our apartment. It was huge. Surprisingly i wasn´t scared though ;) First cockroach. That was fun. First talk at church. They say I speak pretty well and have a spanish accent! Crazy huh? First hot shower. Turns out I was turning the spout too much and I always thought that we only had cold showers.. Whoops. ;) First bible basher. AND first fast for a mission which worked out wonderfully! The Lord really blessed us this week which I will talk about next week!


So, this week, I was impatient. Again. ;) So, I decided to compare it to walking down an up escalator. A lot of the times in your life you are thinking you are going the right way. And are angry at the obstacles that stop you, or the people that are going up the escalator. And you get frustrated and wonder why people aren´t going the way that you are going. BUT if you just stop´and wait, you will find yourself going up the escalator instead of trying to go your own way and go no where. crazy huh?
Love you all!

Sister Parco

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