Monday, October 27, 2014

I Love Life

I love life. Did you know that? I love it so much. It´s probably the best thing ever. A challenge. Na adventrue. It´s completely and absolutely thrilling. Something diferente every day. Gah. Alirght. Enough deep thinking talk. Just know that I love life.

Funny things.

I love primary songs. They are so amazing. We gave all the primary cds for A. and the primary presidente gave her the songs to listen to before the primary program and she was listening to them the other day. But get this. She was listening to the songs in the car outside with the music blasted (probably because the whole Family is sick of them ;) ) But get this. So there was her outside of her house listening to a bunch of primary songs like I am a child of God and I´m trying to be like Jesus, and there was 4 men drinking  with a car playing music like rap and all that music that is crud and ugly. But everytime they tried to turn up their music, A. turned hers up higher. Bahahahaha and then after a while they didn´t have the courage to turn up their music and turned their music off and tried to drink to primary songs. which is impossible SO FUNNY :D :D Gosh I love amanda :)

So we were visiting a contact and we knocked the door and wited for a while, and all the sudden this man comes out of nowhere with a towel and a bunch of soap everywhere and said ´´I don´t think right now is a good time´´ pretty much left there laughing like crazy ;) SO FUNNY.

Things that I love

Our LMA is the coolest and most awesome leader I´ve ever seen. He wants us to meet with the Ward everyweek and he just lays everything down like a boss. And with our meetings with him he is so humble. When he was talking about missionary work, he started crying a bit. And he´s this huge guy. He is probably the most dedicated, humble, excited leader of the mission of the Ward that i´ve ever met. We heard about his story when he was converted and turns out he smoked and drinked and turned his life around. We had a lesson with him and our investigators that are addicted to alcohol and cigarros, and he invited them to baptism before we did. He´s powerful. And he does everything possible for all the pesquisadors. He payed for the wedding, and he told us he wanted to buy a Picture of Christ being baptized in a fancy gah ah! frame. He is amazing. And drops everything to help missionary work. I feel priveledged to work with him.

I love the bishops wife :) And the gossip of the relief society. I don´t know how we´re going to leave this área. Because The bishops wife said that for some reason me and Sister T. are diferente and that the sisters of the relief society have a close bond with us. Gosh they just feel like Family. And we have grown to love them sooo much. Me and Sister T. said that we just have to leave togheter. All that we started and are going to finish here was our moment to gether. If I come back to Brazil. I am coming back here. <3 And the other áreas just cause my other áreas are 5 minutes from the other tehehe ;)


We´re teaching A. and A. . They are super humble and want to turn their life around. Both of them smoke and drink. It´s a father and a son. And the dad wants to turn his life around to show a good example for his son. They want this so bad and we´ve been helping them :) A.  was smoking 15 cigarros and guess how many he smoked on sunday? 3. THREE. Can you believe that?!?!?!?!?! We see miracles every single day here. And lives changing.

A. and S. . Everything is planned for their wedding! Me and Sister T. are going to sing! Do you know that song ´´What Heaven sees in you´´? About the diferente White dresses? Yup we want to sing that when she is entering :) <3 I might cry. But probably not. Do you wanna know something? I think I cry less since i´ve been on a mission. Weird huh? I´m gonna be a robot when I get back! :)

So. other people. Well they are great :) I´ll have to tell you about them when we visit them more :) But things are going great! :) These 4 here are doing great :)

I love life. I am grateful for this change to change myself. I am so very grateful for this opportunity. It´s not something that I´m doing to make up for a debt, but something that I believe was given to me to help me something that I want to be. I´m grateful for my Heavenly father. I´m grateful for difficulties. I´m grateful for diferences. I´m grateful for the Gospel. Life is Good. It´s marvalous with the Gosple. Things are fair. Things are wonderful. Life is meant to work hard. I love smiling. I love challenges. I love my Saviour. THis week because we were bringing some of our pesquisadors to sacrament, we arrived in the middle of sacrament and had to stand outside watching everyone else recieve the sacrament. Ít was probably the worst thing ever. I felt like that one parable with the bridesgroom. I never want to pass a week without remembering what my saviour did for me. I´m grateful for the sacrifice that He did. I know that only through Him we can return to our Heavenly Father. And for that I will be forever grateful.

Have a great week! Love you guys a lot :) <3

Sister Parco

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