Monday, October 20, 2014

Best of Both Worlds

Transfers! ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


Guess who is staying in Ala V for another transfer with Sister T? WHAT? Me. 3 transfers together in the same area :) Never happens. It was so cute when we told the members of the ward. The second counselor jumped up in the air and did a fist pump, and the member that lives aboves us wants to buy pizza to celebrate. I love the ward here. All of them are so excited to help with missionary work. It is AMAZING,

You won´t believe the next news. Guess who is going to be my next DL?!?!?!?!?!!?

ELDER S. I´m so stinking excited. It´s going to be soooooo weird. I´m gonna be reminded of home so much. WHAT. It´s like a completely different world entering into my missionary world. I still can´t get over it.  I´m SOOOOO EXCITED. It´s gonna be awesome. It´s gonna be great. We´ll take a picture! :)

Little moments

I love those little moments in the missionary life where small things make you laugh. We share a house with the sisters. And we sing as loud as we can when we start off with a hymn and we´d have a little competition. And you´d hear the sunbeam song, and then me and sister T. would hit them back with once there was a snowman. Sounds dumb. But in the moment, it´s fun. :) I love primary songs. And singing. Especially in the shower.

I think I have met more drunk people on a mission than I ever have in my life. I´ve grown accustumed and am actually starting to like them ;) One of our pesquisadors was drunk and we went to a supermearcado and found him there. He entered into the store and shouted ´´Minhas irmas!!! oi!´´ Or MY SISTERS! And started yelling and saying hi to us. So funny, and then we were about to buy the cookies because we were hungry but then he yelled at the people at the counter and us and said. ´´Let me pay!´´ So our drunk investigator payed for our snack. That was fun :)

Good news

A. and S. marked a date of wedding! It´s going to be the 22nd of November! I´m so excited. And nervous. We´ll see how it goes. Me and Sister T. and the ward are planning everything :) I´m so excited! :) It´s going to be wonderful :)

Things that I want to do when I get back

Do you realize how cool Family history is? I decided that I´m going to do family history when I get back. It just gets me excited. And bake cookies for the LA´s and offer our house for investigators for breakfast before church. But just a hint. Do it now! Start family history! Invite investigators to breakfast and dinner! Do Family Home Evening! It´s wonderful :) 

Deep thoughts

I was studying alot about charity and I read a quote that was wonderful :)

´´Focus on who you are and not you aren´t´´

I love that we´re children of God. I love that we don´t have to look in the mirror and just see faults. I love that we´re awesome and wonderful and can live our life wonderfully! :) 

i love you guys sooo much! Please stay awesome!

Sister Parco

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