Monday, December 1, 2014


I thought I was in Farmtown today. I was transfered to Prudentopolis and it is way way out there in the country. And as we were in the onibus, I looked out the window, and what did I see? Popcorn popping on the apricot tree. ;) Nah, I saw CORN. It was exactly like a drive from Farmington to Mankato. It was crazy how similar it was. So there´s my update. I saw corn today.

Good stuff

Adriana e Sidney were baptized this weekend. It was the best thing to finish off my time there <3 It was seriously perfect. It was a good mixture of excitement, relief, love, joy, happiness, proudness. Just everything. It was wonderful. And they are such a special family. We sang Families can be together forever as the closing song. and as I was directing. I ALMOST started to tear up, because I looked at them, and I looked at their kids, and I just saw such a wonderful beautiful family. A family where the mom drank every weekend, the dad swore, the kids swore, and just kind of lived in that atmosphere. And the change was incredible. Absolutely incredible. And now they are here. With their eyes on the temple, and willing to change and feeling a difference in their life. Reading every day. Praying. A told me that if she doesn´t pray before she goes to bed, she wakes up in the middle of the night and has to pray or else she can´t sleep. ;) The house started out tense, but now is full of FHE and all the activities of the church. Gosh. I love the Gosple. It´s amazing.

Bad stuff

I threw a lot of my clothes out. THRIFT STORE TIME. Maybe this should go under good stuff.. ;) 

I´m not gonna lie. The goodbyes were SUPER tough. I think we marked a bit on the hearts of the irmas in the ward. They told us that we were the missionaries that more made the difference, and that we were a lot different than the other missionaries and had a special place in their heart. It melted my heart. I think my worst fear is that I´m not making a difference or not doing what the Lord wants me to do. But I sat down during sacrament meeting and was so grateful that I got to see the evolution of individuals, the evolution of families, and the evolution of the ward. I think if i returned to any ward, it would be this one. We did a lot together. And we accomplished a lot together.

I think the worst goodbye was saying goodbye to Ad. , S., L. , and A.. We gave them one last message. And I just poured out my heart in how much I want to see them in the temple, and how important it is to never give up and to always do the things necessary to have a strong family. It was SOOOO hard. we spent so much time together. And we were with them through everything. The stresses and the successes, the good and bad. And we went through the evolution with them. The whole time. And they are gonna be so strong. So ready and willing. So envolved. I don´t have any doubts that they´ll be strong and active in the church, but it still was pretty much a stab in the heart. Me and Ad. had one last hug in front of her house and that was the winner. That´s when the faucet leaks.. ;P

BUT. I´m excited to be here. I´m excited to work and find all the eleitos. I´m ready to knock every door until I am exhausted, and am so ready to do what I need to do here. WISH ME LUCK. ;) I´ll give you the details next week! :)

Love ya :)

Sister Parco :)

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