Monday, December 8, 2014

Commandments are Real


How many of you guys visited youtube yesterday the 7th of December? Because there was a youtube takeover of a Christmas clip of 3 minutes that is called ´´He is the present´´ And I want to know if you guys saw it. If you haven´t seen it. Go on youtube now to watch He is the Present. And then share it on Facebook and Twitter. Because it is amazing and wonderful and brings the spirit of Christmas. Promise me? Okay great. You won´t regret it. It´s amazing. I love Christmas. I love it so much. Please do this. AND SHARE IT. EVERYONE NEEDS TO FEEL THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS :) <3

Differences between the city and the country

You ever heard that story of the city mouse and the country mouse? Well I feel like a city mouse that was thrown into the country. But I LOVE CHANGES. So this is wonderful. It´s so different here. A lot of the roads are gravel roads. And at the end of our area, we just see hills of trees and farms, and plants. And it´s beautiful. And there´s like 20 waterfalls here. The bugs are not so cool though. I woke up the next day with about 30 bites. But they´ll get tired of my blood fast ;) People are both really open and really closed here. Because it´s a small city. Everyone is from the same church and either slams the door in your face or invites you in. But I like challenges, so this is wonderful :) Our district and zone is different too!! We have to take a bus that is about an hour and a half to arrive to our district meeting, and our district is also our zone because there is literally no one else near. And then we have to wait about 10 hours in total for the next bus to come and pick us up. It´s crazy. But so cool. Also. the change from a ward to a branch is different too. A lot of the people here are all converts of less that 10 years and they are just starting :) But it´s got a homey feel :) But I love teaching here. There are some people where you have to teach the basics of the basics. And I love that. In just 6 sentences you can testify of the restoration. Just facts and testimony. I love that. And I didn´t get to teach like this in the city. It´s wonderful to just calm my head a bit and teach things that are facts :) We´ll see what happens :) I have a feeling that i´ll die here. We´ll see! 

Funny moments

So theres these beetle things that are brown and always are in our house and Sister Naranjo absolutely hates them. I think theyre cute. As long as those little wonderful things don´t bite I think that they are cute. But anyways, Sister Naranjo went to kick it outside. And with all her hate, she went to kick the beetle. But let me just explain the situation. In front of her, we have a door and a porch. And the door in this moment is wide open. When she went to kick the beetle. The shoe went with her kick. Right out the wide open door. :D Let me just explain our apartment. There´s our apartment, and a wall, and the backyard of a person that had a huge garden. Well her shoe flew out end fell into the other persons garden. And of course it´s 10 at night so we can´t knock on the neighbor´s door. But Sister Naranjo´s face was absolutely hilarious. I think we spent about 15 minutes rolling on the floor laughing.

Cool moments

You know me. I love to sleep. Well. At least now I do. But on that one hour bus ride is the perfect time to sleep. But you know what the thing that I learned about a mission is? Once you know what a commandment is, you have to/should do it. Like our life. When we hear something from the prophet we should always follow. We know it´s from our Heavenly Father. And we know that it´s going to bless us. And it´s something that the Lord expects of us. The fact that he permitted you to hear it shows that he knows that you´re capable to follow it. In Corinthians, it says that He will never give us something that we cannot handle. This means if we hear a commandment, He knows that although it will be hard, that we can and will be able to do what is asked. Because He is our loving Heavenly Father. And He knows every single one of us. Of course He is not asking that we be hard on ourselves. Of course He is not asking that we keep on digging ourselves down. It´s more of a trust. He is showing our trust for us. And this isn´t just following a rule, it never was, but showing our trust in Him. And I got really deep for something that was really simple. In training, one elder said that we should always be trying to be an example, and gave an example of sharing the cards of He is the Present on the Bus. Here I am on an hour and a half bus ride, trying to catch up on sleep, all the other sisters are asleep. And all the people on the bus are quiet. Of course it´s going to be awkard to stop them on the bus randomly and ask them to watch a video about Christ. And I sat there for about a good 5 mintues wondering if I should do it, making excuses to myself or promising that I would do it later. But in the end, I decided to get up and giving a card after winking at Sister R and explaining our purpose for all the people on the bus with Sister R.. It wasn´t anything big. But I felt good after. I thought that i´d feel awkward. But it was something that I knew that God asked me to do. And I felt good doing it. I know that commandments are real. When a parent tells you not to touch the stove, it´s the same thing that Heavenly Father does with the ´´rules´´ that we have here. I know that He expects a lot from everyone of us. Not the kind of ´´I can´t believe you failed´´ expectation, but the expectation of when a father is letting go of the bicycle seat for the first time expectation. I know taht our Heavenly Father loves us. More than we can imagine. He is our father. Why should we expect Him to be any different than the duty of a father here? I know that my Father lives. I know I am his daughter. And I just love him!

AND I love everyone of you guys! Be good during the Christmas season! :)


Sister Parco

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