Monday, December 29, 2014

We Wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Disclaimer. So I hope that I looked awake on the Google+! I just wanted to tell you guys that if I seemed like a zombie, it was pretty much for the fact that it had been 2 weeks without a proper Pday.  But that is okay because we will finally have a good pday this thursday :) Let me tell you, it was a lot different this time google+ing you guys because hahah well, I know that I will be returning in 3 months! It was just a see ya later ;) 

But don´t you worry :) I´m still as focused as i´ll ever be :) That won´t ever change :) 


This week was awesome! We had to go with faith a lot of the week, and we just saw wonderful miracles! This week we decided to drop everything for 2 days and knock on doors offering to show the video He is the Gift. So here we are knocking doors on day 24 when people are going to church or preparing dinner, and also day 25 when people are waking up to open presents and doing other things. We´re thinking alright in a normal situation, no one would do this. But we just decided to go for it, and it´s funny how many people the Lord put in our way during those hours. We found and talked and taught more people during those hours that we thought we would. We taught about 4 or  families. WHAT? It´s a Christmas Miracle! :) 

Even more miracles. This week we recieved a refernce and it just shows how awesome Heavenly Father is. Well the Sister's found a mother who went straight up to them and said. Hey, I need you to visit my daughter She doesn´t have a church and I want her to start going to church. She woke up this morning and said she had a desire to go to the mormon church. Uh. What. Okay. So we´re gonna visit her this week. 

Sentimental time

So, let me just say that it was absolutely wonderfl to see your faces this Christmas and I couldn´t have asked for a better Christmas present than this! You are all beautiful and wonderful and just spectacular! I love you guys sooo much and I hope that you had an amazing Christmas! :) Have a wonderful week! :)

Sister Parco 

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