Monday, November 24, 2014

Relief and Happiness

Well, It happened. And it was absolutely wonderful. And I loved it. And it was magical. The wedding was great. It was gah. It was just so good :) And it´s over. Which is sad. But it´s also happy. And now we shall wait for next week :) I sent a bunch of photos and hope that you guys like them :) Ad. was so nervous. We helped her with the dress and getting ready with everything. She was so stressed. She reminds me a lot of me ;) But after everything, she loosened up and laughed :) I love seeing all the family happy and changed. It´s amazing the transformation that you see in people. The immediate change isn´t what is worth is but the gradual change that you see in each day, each week. People learning aobut the savior, recognizing him, learning what He did, and being able to use his sacrifice. That´s the change that I love. That point where they start feeling happy even though they dont have a specific reason to be happy. 

Primary program

 Every year I shed at least 3 tears. And I tried sooo hard this time to not cry. But I did. I sat there thinking how much that I´m going to miss this ward. Every single person here is so special to me. And just to clarify, that´s not why I cried ;) But I couldn´t help but think of it :P Of course I could stay for the next transfer. But after 5 months, it´s highly probable that I will leave. But it just made me sad to think of leaving this ward that has been practically my home. But anyways, the real reason that I cried. In the end of the program they had a boy that graduated from primary. He was inactive until 4 weeks ago. And he joined primary with enough time to practice for the program and then leave and pass the sacrament. It was a tear jearker. He comes from a rough family and he started his talk with his lip trembling. And testified how he knew that this church was true and that he knows that this was the right path and how church changed things in his house. Every single person in the congregation was crying. It hit everyone right to the heart. a 12 year old boy. Crying in front of the congregation, bearing his testimony. Gah. So close. I didn´t even think of crying until he gave his little talk. There´s always a good spirit with the primary program :)

Sooooo this week was such a blur, I hardly remember anything and forgot my planajamento. So you guys got what happened in the last 2 days.. hahaha ;)

Sorry that this is soooo short, but really without my planajamento, I am so lost and can´t remember much hahhahaha. Everything just flies by and I blink I don´t remember anything.  But this week ws good. That you can be sure of ;)

I love you all! Be safe! Be good! Make the right choices! Love the Lord.


Sister Parco

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