Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Spirit

New stuff

So, we had our Christmas conference! It was wonderful. :) It kind of stunk because it was divided into two different groups. Interior and the city. That actually really stunk because There are some companions that I will never see again. :/ It was pretty hard thinking that I wouldn´t see them again. BUT. I saw Sister T! I didn´t realize how much I missed her and how much I wanted to see her face. It´s funny, with how much time you spend together, there is a big gap when they leave. So that was good. And we had to pretend that that moment probably wasn´t the last moment that we would see each other even though it probably is going to be the last moment.... That kind of stunk. I don´t like this about serving in Brazil. There are some companions and people that I probably wont be able to see again. Or at least it will be way harder. And that stinks. But hey. Guess i´ll have to save money to come back :) 

We went to see a waterfall today! That was pretty cool! I had a bunch of pictures but I´ll send them the next time :)


Me and Sister de L.  are wonderful :) We are so stinking alike. It´s crazy. We´re both rough on the outside and gooey on the inside ;) We work well and hard together.

The branch

The branch is wonderful :) I love to walk into sacrament meeting and say hi to everyone I meet. Hahaha I feel like my piano skills are getting better on the mission because I´m playing for the branch here for sacramant meeting :) It´s been a while since I´ve played piano for a ward and it´s been a while since they´ve had someone that plays piano. It´s a perfect combination :) <3 The branch has about 50 people every week and it´s pretty good :) I love the youth here. There is a lot of youth here and theyre good kids. Yesterday was my first time doing the class for principals of the Gospel. That was fun! :) We planned a few ideas with president of the ramo to help grow and strengthen them. I´m excited!

Sister Parco

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