Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween or Day of the Dead


Hope everyone had a great halloween and loved the candy! :) 

Let me just give a shout out to the Stalling´s family to say that Elder Stallings (I can´t say Conner, it´s just too weird..) is a great district leader and that it is amazing to serve with him!:) A little weird.. but great! :)

Funny moments

I went on splits with Sister E this week and boy was it hilarious. She´s the kind of really quiet humor. I love her soooo much. Anyways, my funny stories are about her. The first one was with a dog. Of course ;) So we´re going around clapping at the doors and these 2 weiner dogs charge after us and Sister E decided to tease them a bit and stick her foot near the gate. well, the dog had success and bit her shoe and started pulling her. So here we are, i´m laughing my head off and Sister E is standing there freaking out trying to pull away her foot from the dog´s mouth. SO FUNNY

Another funny moment with Sister E. Let me just clarify in the beginning. V is the name of a person and velha means old. So we were doing a contact and we met the lady named V who was an elderly lady. And Sister E didn´t hear her name correctly, and she shouted at her and said ´´You are Velha?´´ So basically she asked if she was old. SO FUNNY. Hahahahahahahahaha

I didn´t have a lot of luck with scorpians. Me and sister T had a rough week. One 15 year old wouldn´t stop winking at us during the lesson, a man from Haiti asked if we were married. And a 50 year old man professed his love for us. Why. Why do these things happen.

Cool moments

We got paintings that look professional for free from a man who paints! It reminded of me of Minnesota so I picked that certain painting :)

This is more cute than cool. Every one freaks out about baptisms, but I think it´s seeing the growth in the gospel that is more rewarding. This week was the week of testemonies. And L, not knowing of course how to sit still, asked if we wanted to go up and then decided if we weren´t going up that he wouldn´t, and then 3 minutes later decides to go up there and bear his testimony. He´s 12 and he´s got so much energy. But he started to bear his testimony. It was only about 2 sentences but it was wonderful. And he starts saying ´´ I love this church.´´ Then he says ´´I know that the church is tr--´´ And you know those moments where things start to click? LIke the moment when you think ´´wow, i really do know that this church is true..´´ Well, he had one of those moments and started to cry during his testimony. I think tears welled up in half of the congregations eye´s (including my own). But seeing that true conversion and that moment for him was absolutely amazing. I wouldn´t trade it for anything. He´s going to make an amazing missionary. He´s such a special kid. Gah. I love his family :) <3

We found $55 on the ground this week. Crazy huh? We had no idea what to do with it so we prayed. On the same day, one of our most flaky pesquisadors that we hadn´t visited for a long time came to our door that didn´t like us a lot came to our door wondering if the church had a program to educate her kids. We didn´t realize it at the time but after we realized that that must have been our answer. So we walked to her to deliver it to her. Turns out that she lost her job recently. I´m pretty sure that she´s not going to go to church or accept our visits, or any of that, but it was wonderful to see how God loves all of his children and is always ready to help them. Isn´t that great? He knows every one of our situations individually :)

We had a SUPER cool activity this sunday! :) It was the day of the dead and everyone was visiting the cemetary, and all of our zone was gathered to show people that there exists a life after this life. And to talk about Family history and how we can connect our family. And we delivered Ensigns to every living person there for free and then offered help for them to build their own family tree. It was wonderful. Do you realize how many people are curious about their ante passados? A lot! It was so cool to see how many people were interested. I´m excited to see the results and how many peple gave their addresses to know more. And do you know what was the coolest thing? All of the front of the cemetary was filled with ensigns -- WITH PEOPLE READING THE ENSIGNS. Can you just imagine?!?!?!?!?!? About half the people in front of the cemetary opening up the magazines and reading them. It was such an amazing sight that made me so flipping happy :) :) LIttle kids reading the part for kids. Adults reading the messages of the prophet. Wow. I loved it so much. SO MUCH.


A and S are good! Planning for a wedding is stressful.

A and A are doing great! They are smoking less and less everyday! We´re gonna have a Family Home evening with them! :)

I love being a missionary. It makes you realize how merciful our Heavenly Father is. And that all of his promises are real. And how we could do anything that we want, anything in the world. But when we do what the Lord wants and deserve the blessings according to the promise, we live better. It´s wonderful. I love my Savior, and I love you guys! I probably have the best family ever and don´t know how I was lucky enough to recieve a family like you guys :) <3 Love ya!

Sister Parco 

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