Monday, February 2, 2015

Until the Dust

Today was fun.

I love surprises. Today was full of a lot. This sunday we found out that there would have a leadership conference on tuesday and we learned on sunday night that we would leave the next day during our Pday (today) to go to Curitiba. So we had to go to the rodoviaria this morning and board a bus for 4 hours. There was an accident on the highway so it took 5 hours. Then we had to go to Portão from the bus and we took the wrong bus. And here I am. Today was long. But. It´ll be all good.

The week.

Me and Sister B worked until the dust. This doesnt make sense in English, but it´s a phrase that is used a lot here. And it´s the best way I could describe it ;) Basically we worked hard this week together. We had a great week and it was one of those weeks where you collapse on the bed but it´s a good collapse.

I think that´s it. The week was good. I hardly remember anything, but I remember that it was good :)

I`m not gonna lie. Sometimes I feel like I run out of things to say in these ;) Anyone have any ideas?

Anyways. I love you guys! Have a great week!


Sister Parco

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