Monday, February 23, 2015

The Last Transfer

Week of surprises

So, you know how we were living in 4? Well now we are not :( It was super sad. We were all really tight. So Prudentopolis, that usually has 4 missionaries, only has 2 now. And it´s a big area. But we´re up for the challenge

The weird stuff

I can´t believe that this is my last transfer. I don´t think that it has hit me yet that I´m gonna be home fast. It´s weirding me out. Me and Sister B made a pact that we´d work harder than we ever have this transfer. I´m excited to see how it will turn out :)

I´m only gonna answer some of the questions because I´m running out of time

Who you learned to see through God’s eyes

We had something pretty sad happen this week. You know what is sad? When a person gains a testemony, even has a dream about how the Book of Mormon is true and the true church, but denies it and does nothing. We were teaching one of our investigators this week that told us all of this, but yet she doesn´t want to ask. I think I learned to see her through God´s eyes because when I thought of all the many blessings that God has in store would be lost, I felt super super sad, because It´s right there, in front of her, within reach, and she knows that it´s a good thing, but still doesn´t want to make a change. It makes me think of how God feels when He sees His children making the changes and seeing a difference, but still going in the opposite direction. We´ll have to see. maybe it's not the right time, maybe it´s meant to be, I don´t know, I just hope that it can work out for the future....

One place God directed you by the Spirit

Everytime I look back at our week and the things we did, I realize how much the Lord has a hand in things. For some reason, in the red area, we had people that were progressing, but this week everything fell, and people started being flaky. It was so funny. It was as if Heavenly Father was saying ´´don´t work in this area any more´´ We even had people walk up to us that we didn´t really know saying that they had the Book of Mormon and wanted to return it to us because the Mom doesn´t know how to read. That same day, we were finding Book of Mormons everywhere (which is another blessing, because we are running out of Book of Mormons) And so we worked in a different area and found amazing people! And guess where that area was? You know how we have to take care of both of the sides now that the other sisters left? Well, guess where there only productive side was? Yup, right across from the new area that we found amazing people and on the same side as T. WHAT. It´s as if he´s basically showing where the golden people are. I noticed this during Sunday and I couldn´t stop smiling and laughing at how wonderful Heavenly Father is and how perfect everything works out. MIRACLES.

I love you guys sooooo  much and hope you are all wonderful! Be good!

Sister Parco

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