Monday, February 9, 2015

Kidney Stones

Life Lessons

Hey, so you know how they say that the mission prepares you for married life? Well I think I am super ready after this week. You know how they say having a kidney stone is like having a baby? Well, guess who had a kidney stone this week. Yup. It was fun. I think I am ready to have kids ;)

One thing that I really appreciated from this experience was the power of priesthood. It is something I am truly grateful for. It was amazing how God was kind enough to bless us with the Priesthood. How grateful I am to have a worthy father that holds the Priesthood. After taking some drugs, I asked for a blessing, and right after the blessing, I didn´t have any pain. Just shows to me how much our Father in Heaven loves us :) <3

Overview of the week

This week was so rough. We had to leave during Pday to go to a leadership meeting in Curitiba on monday and returned Tuesday night. Wednesday I passed the kidney stone, and we couldn´t work, thursday I spent half the day doing exams and the other half working, friday, we had to go to Irati for a meeting and spend the whole day there, and Saturday and Sunday we went to work. It was probably the craziest week that i´ve ever had one the mission

During the meeting I was pretty scared because I felt like the new kid, hardly knowing what I should be doing, and just guessing, but it turned out great! We were making comments on how to better our teaching, and after I made a comment, he said that he would call me to be the STL of the STLs. I´m gonna have to thank sister Torres for that one because we went psycho when we were together for 4 months on our teaching. I just hope I can help others even being the new kid :)

I love you guys! Sorryt hat this was short, It was an unproductive week, I promise that next week will be better! :)

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