Monday, January 26, 2015

Test of Faith

Test of faith

This week was a bit rough with a test of faith. We only had 3 hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to work in our area this week so it was a bit rough to follow up with our families, BUT I have full confidence that our week will be better next week and everyone will start making changes in their life! 

New things

So splits. Kind of scary. I didn´t really know what to do the first day because the STL that was before me and had to pass all the information to me forgot and they just said that i´d be one. But I think I did okay. At times I think it´s just a good switch up for them an me. I just like to be with them during the day to see what they need and how I can help them. And what´s going on in their head. And laugh with them. I just like to see how they are :) But they went great and I learned a lot!  I´ve just been a bit stressed lately because our area is suffering, but it will all be wonderful in the end! It´s a bit difficult to be in the interior because splits are 1 hour away riding the bus. So theres absolutely no way that you can switch areas. You have to abandon your area for a few days and stay in the other. This week was also a bit difficult too because we had a zone conference and a stake conference on Sunday, So we left our area thursday in the morning and returned Sunday during the night. I was absolutely DEAD. A little stressful, but I know i´ll survive! :)

Have you ever heard of a situation with 10 girls, 2 bathrooms, and 6 beds? Well, I passed through this! Gosh. Why am I talking so formal. Anyways. Probably the most awesomest thing ever. I have a photo, but i forgot my cord. It´s all of the girls that I take care of. I love their guts. It was the funnest night ever. But seriously. We took pictures and right before we went to bed, we read a scripture together and said a prayer with all 10 of us. It brought me back to my kid days with slumber parties. We ordered pizza and just sat and talked. This happened because we had our zone conference on saturday and we had to stay because the stake conference would be in the same place the next day. So it was basically a fun night :) And we did a super blitz in the area of one of the sisters in Guarapuava and found a bunch of new people for them. It was pretty exciting :) 

Things I learned

I am grateful for a mission. I feel I have been truly humbled and like the scriptures say, less than the dust of the earth. I am greatful for my weaknesses and the tender mercies that I still have even being less than the dust than the earth. I am grateful for my faults so that I can learn from the and make them strengths. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. I am grateful for the many blessings that I have received from my Father. I am grateful for a Father in Heaven that always forgives me even when I feel like I don´t deserve it. I am grateful for the many people and their strengths that can show me through their example of how I can be better. I am grateful for repentance. I am grateful for change. I love my Heavenly Father and his only begotton son, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the Gosple. And I would never change or risk anything in the place of my testimony of the gospel. Because this is who I am. And if you take away the gosple, you´re gonna take away me. I know me father lives. I know He loves me. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and I know that the Gosple is His plan for us.


Sister Parco

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