Monday, August 4, 2014


So I kind of forgot to tell you guys that we had transfers. SURPRISE! But they were awesome :) My new companion is SIster T! I LOVE HER. Me and her just click. We teach wonderfully together, we work hard together, we laugh together, it´s just wonderful. We try so hard to go to bed early sometimes because we´ve worked so hard during the day, and we are in our beds by at least 10. But then we sit there and giggle the whole time until it´s 10:30, so it doesn´t even make a difference. ;) But we are crazy pumped to work together and we have so much we want to do together here :)

Deep thoughts

So we were talking with a pesquisador about how we only stay here for a year and a half, and we wre talking and saying the usual stuff, oh yeah, don´t worry, we wear pants, and that we´re gonna marry and that we´ll study and have a Family, but sister Torres said something that really actually stung a little bit. She was talking and she said, ´´so, after this year and a half we can´t  be missionaries.´´ Of course it was casual, but it really made me think.  I never really thought about it that way. The fact that I can´t wear a badge with the name of Jesus Christ. The fact that I can be a literal representative of him. The fact that what i´m doing here probably won´t be repeated. The fact that I won´t spend every day testifying of Him and putting myself completely out of the Picture and seriving others. It´s not possible at home. But it really stunk when I thought of that. I love being on a mission. And I cherish this time here SO much. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary and I hope that I can make the best of this short year and a half.

Do you know what is something interesting? When you stop thinking about yourself and you think about what the Lord wants. You stop thinking of what you look like to everyone else and you just put everything down and think. Alright Heavenly Father, what next. You dropall of your personal selfish feelings and just go at it. That´s what makes this mission totally Worth it. Absolutely positively Worth it. I love being here.

i´m holding a Bird right now. and  petting it. And it´s biting me

I love banana bread. I´ve made a goal to make it for every companion. They love it. It´s famous. Thanks mom! <3


Wow. So many things happened this week. There was definitely a miracle everyday. One thing that me and Sister T do is ask ourselves, okay, what was our miracles today? And we Always have one :) <3 But i´ll tell you 3 miracles that were my favorite.

So we were teaching M one day and we were going to presente the book of mórmon. But when we sat down, we noticed that her daughter who usually doesn´t listen to our messages followed us and had a book in her hand. We noticed that it was the book of mórmon so we started out asking her about it. Well, turns out that she found it in the library, and was having a really bad day at school. So, she decided to read it, and she said that she felt na overwhelming feeling of Peace. And when she saw that we had it in our hands, she followed us to learn more. THen, wanting to know more about her story, i asked her her favoirite scripture,and she opened right up to mosias 4 that talks about Christ and when he suffered. WHAT. I almost didn´t know what to teach because I was so surprised at the miracle! She went to church yesterday and stayed for the 3 hourse and the baptism after. Oh yeah, and she´s 12 and she understands everything. MIracle mesmo

Another was when we were looking for na espesquisador. We found the house, but it was a condominium. And we tried hitting the number and nothing happened. But all the sudden 2 people walk by with another person and say- ´´hi sisters!´´ And we´re like, what? And we introduced ourselves and told them that we were missionaries from the área and they asked´´who are you looking for?´´ and we said oh E´´ And the third guy goes, ´´hey, that´s me!´´. Those 2 members were there with E. and he invited us to see his new born baby that only had 5 days. WHAT. So we follow the two members and E to his apartment to see his baby where he invited us to come back wednesday at 7. MIRACLES!

The other happened 50 minutes ago. A lady came up to us in the lan house here and said that she wanted visits from us and that she wanted to go to church and already had visits from the other missionaries. She gave us her address and number and we´re returning there another day! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!?!

I´m so glad the Lord trusts us with these miracles. I just hope we can keep his trust and act in the way that He wants us to act :) Me and sister Tare really trying to act with the spirit so that we can say what He needs us to say. And it is absolutely amazing during lessons. We´ve been trying to switch off every question so that 1 we ask questions and 2 that we switch off more to say what needs tobe said. Man we´re just gonna be perfect together!

For some reason,college was on my mind a lot this week and the whole leaving your Family part. And I was Reading a scripture and I wanted you guys to imagine right along with me about how cool this is. ALright. So, read isaiah 53:10. If you notice. Heavenly Father sent His only begotten son so that he could see  us again. When you think that we´re going to heaven, I only think that, man, it´s gonna be cool to be in his presence, but he is more concerned about seeing his kid again. Just like Chirstmas bread when you see your kid again :) I thought that was so cool :) <3 I love the scriptures :)

Love you all!

Sister Parco

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