Monday, August 18, 2014

Sisters of Power

The week

This week was full of awesomeness and love and hapiness and everything. We had a great week with the members and they are starting to trust us. One member brought us to 7 of her friends. And get this. She made a cake for almost every single one of them. When she brought us to her friends, she giggled and said that when they see that she brought a cake, they have to let us in and that we should just go right at it and teach about the restoration with everyone of her friends. She is so amazing. I love her so much. This week she left with us about 3 times to help devliver the cakes. And she called us ´´Sisters of Power´´ I´m just so glad that she trusts us enough with her friends <3 And we shall go on loveing all the members here! Also, we had our ward conference, and guess what? 3 members brought their friends to church! Without any warning, promise or anything! Did I tell you that I love this ward? I do.

The members

The members here love us so much. And we love them. It´s such a perfect love. The irmas of the ward have come up to us saying that they weren´t on the list for lunches this month and that they were super bummed. And another said that she just had to pass by where we were at the end of church just because she wanted to hug us. Another offered a noite familiar. Another wanted us to move our house to the same apartment as her. And another brought us to 5 references this week! I just love this ward so much! It´s just a big love fest on sunday and the irmas adore us. I love working with members. We go there and offer service and try to help them in any way possible and then we pray with them kneeling. I love it. Hehe me and Sister T have a goal of knowing exactly where every single dish goes in the houses of the irmas because we made a goal to wash the dishes in every house ;) And today we´re making personalized post it´s ´´from the sisters´´ so that we can put it in their bathroom to thank them for all the help. They are getting so comfortable with us, and they are so willing to help us with people, or friends, or introducing the gosple! The members here are absolutely wonderful! :) <3 Ala 5 is where it´s at. <3

Me and Sister T

I love working with sister T. Everytime during companionship study we just go at it. We say ´´alright, we have this problem this problem, and that problem, so how are we going to fix it?´´ I think i have grown and learned so much more in this transfer than any other transfer. We´re really getting down to the nit and gritty to be better and better every single day. And I just love it.

The people

A is good. We´ve taught everything and she´s feeling great. She´s reading the scriptures and praying. Still undecisive because she wants to experience other churches, but she is an amazing young woman. I feel so priveledged to teach her the Gosple :)

We met R, E, and their grandma this week! they are our neighbors and they were a reference from that irma. They are so cool. E is trying out for the handicapp olympics! He´s already recieved 3 medals and is hoping to get into the olympics! He´s so cool! And R and her Grandma are super interested! They have so many questions and doubts, and we explained the book of mormon to them and all of them said they would read it without a doubt! :)

We met N and her family this week! I know I already said this, but I love teaching families :) I love teaching the restoration to kids because when you break it down into smaller simpler words, you realize that the restoration is pretty simple and that even children can understand it :) 

We met J, E, and D this week! J is the sister that has a daughter and E and D have a daughter too. They are perfect. THey first time we taught D this week, we taught the restoration like we usually do, but this time, i decided to wait for a long time after we recited the first vision. We sat there for about 20 seconds. And we waited. And then we waited and asked how she felt, D started saying that she felt that something hit her heart a bit and then started crying, and then her husband when we taught them the second time, put his head down and started crying to. The spirit was soooo strong. It was amazing. I think the most rewarding part was when we asked erisma, the husband to say the closing prayer. There is just something about a family kneeling together to  say a prayer and the father saying the prayer. Because you don´t see that often. It makes me so grateful that I had a father who showed me to kneel down and talk to his Heavenly Father. It really is wonderful <3 (yeah, that´s you pops! ;) )

Anyways, that is pretty much the news. I hope that you guys had a wonderful week and that you are reading your scriptures! I love you guys all so much and every day I think about how I have a wonderful amazing family :) <3 I pray for you guys every day and I am glad to have grown up in a family centered in the Gosple of Jesus Christ <3 Be good. Stay Awesome :)


Sister Parco

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