Monday, July 28, 2014

Whitening Toothpaste

Awesome moments

I saw S! I left Derosso and didn´t even get to say bye to her :( BUT. She is in the stake and I got to see her! She gave her first talk in front of everyone at sacrament meeting andwas so nervous.. we helped her prepare for it, but she did it, and i didn´t get to see her, but I was so proud of her! :)

Remember A?!? So she Always went on splits with us and she just got the perfect atitude to be a missionary :) But she was against it while I was serving there and we talkedabout it, but I just recieved News that she´s going on a mission! She´ll make a great missionary! :)

C. Remember her too? Well I left early knowing she was going to get baptized, and yup, you guessed it- she´s going tobe baptized. I don´t know the details yet, but I heard that she´s gonna be baptized! :) Isn´t that awesome?!


So our LMA has 2 children that arent members and we had a noite familiar with them and my gosh the spirit was so Strong there. We talked about the plan of salvation and how everything Works together so that we need the gospel:)t was soo spiritual. You could feel the spirit like crazy :)

A is good. We´re meeting with her tomorrow. She has been Reading and praying and has already felt Peace when she prayed about the Book of Mormon :) She´s aweomse!

We met M this week and he is one of the pesquisadors that went to the party! He´s awesome! The first lesson, he said he was looking for that strength from Heavenly father and the connection with him, and man was that perfect. because the gospel is just awesome! :)

We met a Part member Family this week that also went to the party! It´s a Family of 5 kids and a mom and dad! 3 of the kids are baptized but the mom and dad and one of the filhos isn´t. They are so wonderful! We taughth them about the restoration and they liked it! :) Their Family is amazing! And they are so open! The spirit was so strong in the first lesson!

We met E. too that lives alone. The first things she said was that she knows she needs to be baptized and that she wants to get baptized but she says she has so many regrets from the past that she doesn't think she can forget. So wesat thereand talked with her and we´re going back this week! Sorry theseare really short.. I only have 2 minutes hahaha

A. is the same situation. He said he´s been looking for Peace because he was going through some rough times and told us at the end thatwe broughta Peace that was diferente and the Peace that he wanted :)

Some firsts

So this is the first time I´ve ever heard Sisters giving training here in Brazil but it happened! Me and Sister Hermes gave a training together about how to work with members this week! And it went awesome! We gave a training and after we brain stormed about things that hinder the members. I was abit nervous because it usually doesnt happen here, but the zone leader came up to us afterwards and said that our training was awesome and that he absolutely loved it! :)

So we had a pioneer party as a stake this week! It was absoultey awesome! We made a missionary table for the membros that brought their friends, and it was the best thing! We set out everything andhad 17 miracles playing in the backround! AND it was great. But I felt like a mom. Because the 3 families that we invited that went didn´t have any friends so we´d frantically introduce all of them to the membros and it was crazy. I´m gonna be a mess when I have kids ;) But the party was awesome, the food was awesome and the members are awesome! AndI gotto see some people from Derosso! :)

Funny moments

So this may be funny to me, I guess it is more ironic, but I was looking at our map of Ala 5 and I took a double take and realized, yup. I can see all 3 áreas that ive passed through on the same map. Ironic but yet funny :) almost a year in áreas that are 5 minutes or so from each other. So hilarious ;)

I love dogs. we found a dog that started following us so I named it Frederico. It was funny until this like gang, and I say gang because they were like a people gang, hanging out together and attacking all the other dogs that came near them together. Well. Frederico was one of those other dogs. So those 3 dogs came charging at us attacking the other dog. Bahahahaha and of course the first reaction of me and sister Hermes. We just look at eachother and started hugging. Hahahahaha. First reaction. So after the dogs stopped we paused for a while and realized that we were hugging eachother so dang tight. It was just one of those moments where it was funny.. after...;) Bahahaha it was just afunny sight ;)

Things that I love

You know what I love. Relief Society. When I was 18 I never liked it that much because it was moms and no one my age. BUT. It´s the awesomest thing ever. You can justvsay one question in the room, and the whole room explodes with comments, and I love hearing the diferente opinions of the diferente moms of different ages :) And hearing the sass in some of the comments, experiences with others, and  the testemunhos in others and gah. It´s just so awesome. I can´t wait for relief society at home :)

Whitening toothpaste

I decided to go against what I´ve Always done in the past and go out on a limb this week and buy whitening toothpaste. I´ve told that it´s a waste, but hey, why not huh?:) But I was thinking a lot. About toothpaste. And scriptures. How are you supposed to know that whitening toothpaste Works if you don´t use it every day? How are you supposed to know that claims of whiter teeth and a brilliant smile in just 15 days are real if ya don´t brush every single day and night? How are we supposed to know that Reading scriptures really does bring Peace or happiness? How are we supposed to even know if all those promises are real that the prophets and the scriptures itself say. The answer? We gotta brush our teeth! And everyday. Becase that is the only way that we will see the results. SO read your scriptures everyday because they are awesome! :)

And about the toothpaste, I really am actually trying to see if they are whiter in 15 days. Just cause I can. I´ll tell you how it goes ;)

I love you guys so much! Never forget how amazing the gospel is. Don´t forget who you are and how wonderful life is! Be awesome! :) Love you guys!

Sister Parco

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