Monday, August 11, 2014


This week was pretty good! Definitely a week to learn, walk, grow, walk, smile, walk, laugh, walk ;) ,  and talk to people! I definitely learned lots this week! Sorry if it´s short this week, but our time got moved back to na hour, so i´ll just put in the more awesome stuff :)

My companion

We are seriously so perfect when we teach together. We switch off like no other, we talk like no other, and we are really trying to get down to the nitty and gritty with everything. When we study together, I just love it, because we think of exactly what people need to hear. The necassary parts. And then we just kill it and follow the spirit like no other. It´s wonderful. I´m so excited every week to work with her :) <3

Things I love

I love families. We found A and A this week and they have 4 kids. All under the age of 10. It was so crazy. I think you have to have a lot of courage to have 4 BOYS under the age of 10 ;) We started out teaching the restoration, but it was so crazy that we decided to switch it to Family prayer. So we taught them about Heavenly Father and how he is Always there to listen, and asked them what they thought about their father. It was wonderful because all the yelling and jumping on each other stopped when we were teaching about prayer <3 And then we bore our testimonies about Heavenly Father and we all knelt down as a Family together to say a prayer. It was so wonderful.

I want kids. But that will just have to wait ;) I seriously think that I said this at least 5 times a week, if not daily.


A! This week we went to her house to make chocolate chip cookies! It was wonderful. I ate more than I should. BUT I love A. She has so many questions. She´s Reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and she is trying to stop drinking coffee. All this at 15. She is so wonderful and so very special to us. She really has that desire and I just love seeing her change every time I see her :)

V is awesome! She went to primary again this week and they gave her a Faith in God that she´s going to start this week! She has so many deep questions for na almost 12 year old, and she is Always so willing to learn more! Gosh. I love her too. And it´s so wonderful to see all the primary kids welcome her :) I was so proud of her :) This week she recited the article of Faith for everyone :) She´s just amazing :)

I´m gonna stop here because my time is pretty low.

But I love you guys sooooo much and am so grateful that I have a wonderful Family like you guys :) I love families. AND GUESS WHAT. I decided that we are doing Family home evening every single week when we get home. BE PREPARED. And theyre gonna be the best days ever. I love my purpose here. I love the Lord. I love working. I love learning. I love growing. I know I´m here on the Lord´s errand and don´t want to waste a minute. I love every single one of you guys and I beam knowing that I can be with you guys forever :) Keep being amazing and HELP THE MISSIONARIES! ;) Love you :)

Sister Parco

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